Angelina's Not So Little Black Bag

A great diaper bag is the "Suzy" by Hammitt bags.

This is not a bag for the faint of heart or weak of limb. You may require a personal trainer to get yourself into shape for carrying this bag around fully loaded all the time, but then it is so gorgeous, it is worth it. Hammitt’s Suzy bags are big. The leather is top notch and the signature brass studs all over say "I am fabulous but I am still humble". It’s just too cool to get all blingy and ostentatious.

It is fully lined with waterproof vinyl that color coordinates to the exterior and there is a coordinated vinyl changing mat that comes with. Inside you’ll find large slip pockets for wipes, snacks etc, and a zippered compartment for keys and wallet. On the outside you are treated to two flap pockets with magical magnetic closures. They clap shut with such a satisfying clack that it’s tempting to just sit and play with them. An excellent toddler airport distraction. Aside from the practicality of the bag, there is a quiet classic luxury about it. It’s expensive, yes, but its also an investment in quality goods. These bags are never really going to go out of style.

Hammitt bags are made one at a time, handsewn in the USA. Every detail of their construction is a labor of love. Designer Stephenie Hammitt has named her various bags after the women in her life who inspire her. And now inspiring women of the world are carrying her bags. Angelina Jolie, Denise Richards, Courtney Cox and Catherine Zeta Jones have all toted Hammitt bags.

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