According to Star, Angelina Jolie hates her pregnant body. A source is quoted saying, "She complains about her ‘strange new body,’ as she calls it, her lower back and swollen feet."

Also, even though partner Brad Pitt tries to console her, "He says his pep talks sometimes make Angelina even more miserable. He’s always reminding her that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. He’s told her to stop obsessing over every inch on her waistline- that she’ll snap back into shape after she gives birth."

The article also discusses Angelina and Brad’s birth plans. Brad plans to be in the delivery room (you’d be surprised- not every dad wants to- Donald Trump says he won’t be in with Melania because he’s squeamish) as will Zahara and Maddox. On top of that, Brad will tape the birth.

Also, Angelina doesn’t want anesthesia. A source close to Brad’s family is quoted as saying, "Angelina is adamant she doesn’t want to have a Casearean nor does she want an epidural. She’s studying pain-control methods that involve meditation and breathing, and she wants to keep everything as natural as possible."

Angelina also plans to have a special blessing ceremony for the baby that will coincide with the Buddhist Wesak festival. She’s ordered Cambodian paper and wood lanterns and will release caged birds.

(I attended a friend’s Buddhist blessing ceremony for their daughter recently. It involved chanting, the entire extended family and tying string around each other’s wrists. No lanterns or birds, though!)

Source: Star, March 13, 2006, pp.50-51