Angelina Jolie in Esquire; discusses co-sleeping and time for the kids

While promoting A Mighty Heart in the July issue of Esquire, Angelina Jolie, 32, shares why the non-linear development of her family works for her and her partner, Brad Pitt, splitting time with the kids, and the family’s sleeping arrangements.

On having kids first: Some people have their lives together and then they have their children. Brad and I are starting with the children and are planning to have our time together in our later years.

Time for all the kids: I try to make sure that each of my children has enough of my attentionto feel equal. I try to make sure that my relationship with the man inmy life is solid and complete and we’re very connected and having agreat life together and enjoying our children and being part of theworld. So that’s my life.

Co-sleeping: Rightnow, Pax is sleeping in our bed. It’s kind of nice, him immediatelyknowing and feeling comfortable with us. Mad slept with meuntil Brad and I got together. They’re fun to sleep with. We havefamily sleep on Sundays. Everybody sleeps together.

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Do you co-sleep with your children?

Co-sleeping, also called the family bed, is a practicein which babies and young children sleep with or near one or both parents. Different ways to co-sleep include the family bed, different beds in the same room, the sidecar arrangement in which a crib is attached to the mother’s side of the bed, and children have own bed/room but are welcomed into the parents bed when they wake in the middle of the night. Co-sleeping is commonplace outside of the US, Canada, and Europe and was widely practiced until the19th century until the advent of giving the child his or herown room and the crib. It is one of the tenets of attachment parenting.

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