Angelina Jolie talks about Brad, their children, and when she's due

As we reported yesterday, Angelina Jolie’s exclusive interview with Ann Curry will air this Sunday on Dateline NBC. Excerpts were released in advance, and Angelina opens up for the first time about her relationship with Brad Pitt and talks about their stay in Namibia and their children, Maddox, 4, and Zahara, 1.

She confirms she is not quite eight months pregnant and says that they know the sex of the baby but won’t share it publicly.

Angelina agreed to give the interview to highlight causes that are close to her heart, especially educational opportunities for children. She also spoke with great pride about her own children.

She said that Zahara "is so smart and so strong. And her potential as a woman one day is great. Hopefully, she will be active in her country and in her continent when she’s older. And because she’ll have a good education, she’ll be able to do that much more."

Through Maddox’s experiences traveling the world, Angelina said that it has allowed her to see how "he adjusts to different places in the world and different people and his views and the kind of man he’s going to be. I’m very lucky."

For the first time, she also spoke about her relationship with Brad and said that it’s something they never actually discuss. "It’s one of those funny things that just happens, and you live your life, and you’re a family."

Source: People

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