Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's first public appearance after the birth of Shiloh

New parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, both glowing with happiness, gave a press conference today in Namibia, Africa. This is their first public appearance after the birth of Shiloh Nouvel. At the press conference, they thanked the government for assisting them in being able to maintain privacy during Angelina’s pregnancy and Shiloh’s birth.

Brad said, "We have been able to have a very special, peaceful time for our family here, exploring your country and more importantly helping with the delivery of our daughter Shiloh. So for that we are eternally grateful."

Regarding the bodyguards and security measures the couple had to take, Angelina said that she wished it hadn’t been necessary, but thought that the birth should be done in a way that was peaceful and security allowed them to accomplish that. Brad added having a baby on the way with "a bounty on its head" even before its birth made the security an imperative for them.

They said they plan to be in Namibia "just a few more days," but did not specify where they are going. It is believed that they will be moving back to Brad’s Los Feliz, California "compound," where major renovations are being undertaken in order to babyproof the joint for Shiloh, Zahara, 16 months, and Maddox, 4 1/2.

Angelina made a statement regarding future wedding plans, saying, "There is nothing in the air. The focus is on the kids, and we are obviously extremely committed to the children and as parents together. So that kind of says it for us, and to have a ceremony on top of it is nothing."

Watch this video of the couple where they talk about Shiloh having dual citizenship and future plans to visit the country of their daughter’s birth.

For a photo of the glowing golden duo, visit and US Weekly. Yahoo! has a few more. Angelina’s nursing bra is showing again! Girl, you can’t wear those spaghetti strap tops when you wear a big mama bra!

Source: TMZ, US Weekly, People, and VH1’s The Fabulous Life of Brad and Angelina’s Baby

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