Angelina Jolie: 'The Center of My Life is My Kids'

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In Los Angeles to present an award to her Changeling director Clint Eastwood and fresh off a humanitarian trip to Afghanistan, Angelina Jolie says that regardless of the locale her focus remains on her family of eight with partner Brad Pitt. Telling reporters that she was up at 3 a.m. "with four kids with jet lag and two babies," the 33-year-old actress said that her evening out is nothing more, and nothing less. "I put myself together for a few hours and go out, and then I go home," she explains. "This is my job."

"The center of my life is my kids."

Her dual role as both an actress and as a mom intersect in Changeling, however, where Angelina portrays a woman whose son disappears. That she’s opened herself up to the possibility of playing a mom on-screen is not a coincidence. "A woman in her 30s is more likely to have roles that in some way relate to family," she notes. "I don’t think it’s a choice of mine as much as it is something women deal with when we get older." In an ironic twist, Angelina says that the disturbing subject matter in the film could be to thank for her fraternal twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, 4 months.

"I got pregnant right in the middle of it and I think partially because of it. I was so emotional about children that I think something in me kicked into gear."

In addition to the twins, Angelina and Brad are parents to Maddox Chivan, 7, Pax Thien, turning 5 this month, Zahara Marley, 3 ½ and Shiloh Nouvel, 2.

Changeling is in theaters now.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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