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Updated January 16, 2009 08:00 PM

In a refreshing display of honesty, Angela Kinsey— who wowed readers with her first postpartum awards show appearance last spring — says that looks can be deceiving. “Here’s the thing; I’m not in shape,” the 37-year-old actress admits to PEOPLE. “There’s not as much of it, but none of it is toned.” Likening nursing to “running a marathon,” Angela says that she “dropped a lot of weight” breastfeeding daughter Isabel Ruby, 8 months.

Speaking of her cast-mate, Angela says that the two — who are close friends off the set — have formed quite a competition in the wake of Isabel’s arrival. “She gets more sleep than me, but I lose weight without any effort,” Angela explains. “That’s our rivalry.”

Understandable, for Angela reveals that Isabel is sleeping just five hours a stretch. Together with husband Warren Lieberstein, the couple have even begun “working on sleep-training” — with mixed results. “It’s not easy [and] I’m a total wimp,” she laments. “I just want to pick her up every time she makes a noise.”

During work hours Angela is free to do just that, when she — and the rest of the cast — enjoy a daily visit from baby girl. “I wonder what her life is going to be like because she kind of has Uncle Rainn [Wilson], Uncle Creed [Bratton],” Angela mused. “One day Creed and Ed [Helms] were playing the banjo and singing to her and Rainn came up to her and was like, ‘Doot a loo loo’…I love it.” She adds,

Source: PEOPLE exclusive to CBB