Update: Angela Kinsey, husband expecting first child

Update: Angela has blogged about her pregnancy.

And yes folks…I am pregnant.  I am so excited!  They say when youstop trying that’s when it happens and that’s how it went for us. 

MyMom hasn’t had a grand baby in 15 years (my sisters are much older.  Iwas a late in life surprise baby), and she is beside herself.  She hasalready sent me baby booties and is quilting like a mad woman.  😉 

Iprobably won’t do a lot of press during my pregnancy.  The minute Ifound out I was pregnant I went into this "Momma Bear" mode of wantingto protect this little guy or gal that is growing inside me.  I want itto have as normal a childhood as possible.  And thank you so much foryour sweet comments!  Your support is so amazing.

I’m not sure howthey will write it into the show.  I think a lot of it depends on howlong the strike goes on.  Oh and I asked Jenna [Fisher, who plays Pam] to go to prenatal yogawith me, so don’t get the wrong idea.  She is just being a supportivefriend.  And between her bad back and my belly, it is the perfectworkout!

Originally posted November 21st: The Office’s Angela Kinsey and her husband Warren Lieberstein are poised to become parents this coming May. The child will be the first for the couple, who have been trying to conceive "for a long time," an unnamed source told Us Weekly. A rep for Angela, 36, confirmed the news, stating,

She and her husband are very excited.

No word on if the pregnancy will be written into the show.

Source: Us Weekly

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