By peoplestaff225
Updated February 07, 2008 04:48 PM

The Office’s Angela Kinsey, who is currently expecting her first child with husband Warren Lieberstein, hasn’t had to worry about maternity jeans thanks to her mom. The 36-year-old revealed in a new interview with the girls at Pinks and Blues that her mom has been altering her old jeans to make them work with the pregnancy!

Speaking of fashion, Angela has been spotted attending a number of events lately, but just how has being pregnant changed her pre-event beauty regimen?

And while the actress would love to get back to work at The Office, she is enjoying the time off the writer’s strike has provided.

Angela and Warren found out that their new baby, who is due to arrive on May 9th, is a little girl, but the mom-to-be had an inkling that it was going to be a daughter beforehand.