Andy Cohen Introduces Son Ben, 3, to Cher's Music: 'She Reminded Him of Elsa and He Loved It'

The toddler adorably argues with his Bravo personality dad about what they were listening to as they talked about Cher

Andy Cohen with his son Benjamin
Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty; Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty

Andy Cohen is sharing another adorably grumpy father-son exchange with son Benjamin Allen.

On Friday, the Watch What Happens Live host, 54, shared a video where he talked about introducing Ben to Cher's music. He asked the 3-year-old what he thought of the various songs.

"She was a singer," he replied at first, which Cohen confirmed.

Ben then added, "She was singing too loud for me."

"She was singing too loud for you?" Cohen said, sounding surprised. "You loved it. Who did she remind you of?"

Ben hesitated to respond, so Cohen helped. "She reminded you of Elsa, right?" he said, referencing the character from Disney's Frozen. "Because they're both good singers."

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Cohen then looked back up at the camera and said, "She reminded him of Elsa and he loved it. It wasn't too loud."

After Ben disagreed, Cohen said with a laugh, "No it wasn't." He fought back, "yes it was!" in an adorably grumpy little voice.

"It was Cher!" Cohen replied, to which Ben said, "No, it was Elsa."

He corrected him again, just for the toddler to then say it was Anna from Frozen.

Andy Cohen Instagram
Andy Cohen and Son Benjamin Allen. Andy Cohen Instagram

"Ben, it was Cher, and there's going to be a lot of Cher in your life, do you know that? Lots of Cher to come. And sharing is good too," he concluded, ending the video.

Last month, Cohen hilariously compared his children's sense of fashion. Cohen first shared a selfie featuring Ben wearing an outfit that he picked out for himself for his day at camp.

The toddler decided on a pair of joggers printed with dinosaurs which he paired with a Nike tank top — an outfit that Cohen didn't seem too excited about.

The following slide showed infant daughter Lucy Eve, 4 months, dressed in a colorful floral print onesie with flared sleeves. "Lucy, conversely, is flawless," Cohen asserted.

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