The Superficial author also shared the one professional thing he's not yet done that he wants to accomplish

By Natalie Stone
Updated December 06, 2016 09:13 PM
Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty

Andy Cohen got candid about a variation of topics on Tuesday’s Allegedly podcast, including the possibility of fatherhood!

The Watch What Happens Live host sat down with hosts Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss and revealed two things that he’d still like to accomplish in life.

“Is there anything that you haven’t accomplished that you really want to accomplish?” the hosts asked Cohen, 48.

“Not really,” Cohen first responded, before bringing up the idea of being a father one day. “I mean, maybe being a dad.”

“But professionally?” the hosts further inquired.

“Professionally, no,” Cohen responded. “I’m not an actor. I’d like to maybe host a game show, but yeah, I don’t know what that would be,” he said, and added, “Everything’s good.”

Later in the podcast, the hosts asked the author, who recently released his third book — Superficial — if he’d prefer to have a boy or girl if/when the time comes for him to grow his family.

“When you have kids, do you want boys or girls?” they questioned Cohen.

“I would just want someone healthy,” Cohen told the hosts about having a baby.

The Bravo personality recently made an appearance at an EW SiriusXM Town Hall interview for The Jess Cagle Interview, where he revealed that the book forced the not-usually-introspective host to look deeper inside himself, and deal with the loneliness he faced.

“There are moments of real loneliness and isolation that I think are probably common,” he told Cagle. “But A, the fact that I’m allowing myself to go there in my own mind, and then to write about how that feels after you’ve hosted an episode of your talk show and people are cheering for you. It sounds really trite and like a bad Lifetime movie, and then you go home and you’re actually like, ‘Wow, I feel lonely and this doesn’t feel good.’