Introducing Isaac Daniel Lancel

Source: Hello! Magazine, Issue #1011 March 11th, p. 32-34.

UK star Andrew Lancel and his wife Louise welcomed son Isaac Daniel into the world on December 7th, 2007. For The Bill actor, 37, his wife of three years, and the extended family, the birth was especially moving — not only had Andrew and Louise been trying for a baby since 2005, but Isaac is the first baby born on Louise's side of the family in 27 years!

Last week, the couple introduced their son, now 3 months old, in Hello!

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On how Isaac has changed his life:

A: It's like there is asecret code. Everyone says, "You wait, you'll never be the same again."And they're right. Nothing has come close to it. I didn't know youcould experience these kind of emotions. It's as though someone flickeda switch as soon as he came out. It has been a joy and, because I wasable to take the time off work, it's been precious too.

On finding out that Louise was pregnant:

A: We'd been trying, as you do, but it wasn't happening. I was talking toStefan Booth [SGT Mark Rollins on ‘The Bill'], down in London, saying Iwas happy, but not quite sure what we were going to do. That night Lourang me crying. At first I thought something terrible had happened,then she told me we were going to have a baby.

On Louise's 45 hour labor:

L:Andrew was there throughout and gave me tremendous support. I'd had avery healthy pregnancy and I worked all the way up till November. Isaacwas five days late and then I had a very long labor. In the end it wasa forceps delivery, so I had to be in [the] hospital for another four days.

A:It was hard work for her. Luckily, because she's a dancer, and she'sfit and healthy. I felt helpless, though, and it was a huge relief whenIsaac was born. When I think of holding him that first moment, it'slike a dream. I didn't cry because, by then, we had been there for solong that I think we were both wrung out. He was a bit battered andbruised when he finally arrived, and I immediately wanted to protecthim.

Why they chose the name Isaac Daniel:

A: It means laughter. I waskeen on having a biblical name because we have a strong faith. In fact,we've already taken him to church to show him off. There was a lot ofsupport from the community when he was born, which was lovely. Wedidn't know any Isaacs. Daniel is a family name.


On bringing Isaac up with religion:

A: These days,people think that if you talk about religion you're a bit of a fanatic.You're not really allowed to have beliefs, or so it seems. But we arepart of a community, and it's about being a good person. If people wereto tap in to that community, I think they would benefit so much.

We'llhave Isaac christened and take him to church, but it's up to him whenhe's older. The only thing I insist on is that he is an Everton [football club] fan.That is non-negotiable!

On how their relationship has changed since Isaac's birth:

A: We're closer, butnot just of becoming parents. We've had this wonderful three months –we haven't stopped laughing, we haven't argued, she hasn't pushed meout the front door. We both know that this is a sacred time, not justto be with Isaac, but to be together. Working on ‘The Bill' can keep usapart for days, occasionally weeks at a time, so I realize howfortunate we've been to have this time together.

On what they think of each other as parents:

A:Well Lou is brilliant. She's a really good mother, she's fun and ofcourse, she still looks absolutely gorgeous. The kids she teaches adoreher, because she is so great with them, and that's an extension ofthat. I think we've adapted really well. We were both geared up for itbecause we'd planned it and really wanted it. But nothing prepares youfor the reality of a new baby.

It's tiring and it's continual — we canleave the dog for four hours, but we can't leave Isaac for fourseconds. But we want to be with him every single second. We've sharedabsolutely everything – we try to keep it all even. Especially as Iknow there are times when I know I won't see him for days on end whenI'm back in work.

L: Andrew is 21st century dad. From thebeginning he's done all the middle-of-the-night feeds so I could getsome rest, but I've just taken over because he's shattered. As we'remarried, we obviously have that tight bond, but it has got stronger.We are a complete unit and the priority for both of us is the baby.It's incredible how much it changes you straight away.


One thing that's staying the same…

A: Because I've had thetime off, it's been great. We've already taken him away with us tohotels. I'm a big foodie and love trying different restaurants, andIsaac's not going to change that.

On the best thing a parent can give a child:

A: Time!It's easy to say, because I know we're all busy, but if you've got twominutes to spend with your child, spend the two minutes and not oneminute thirty seconds. We are determined not to miss a moment. That iswhy he is going everywhere with us. If we are invited to a dinnerparty, he comes.

On how his co-stars on The Bill have reacted to Andrew becoming a dad:

A:There's been a lot of support, phone calls and presents. Other dadslike Alex Walkinshaw [Sgt Dale ‘Smithy' Smith] have been great withadvice. They've seen pictures of Isaac, but no one has met him yet, sowe'll be taking him in. It's a happy family there, I get on so wellwith them. We're all great pals.

On having more children:

Well, we've actually got twoif you include Chester [the dog]! Like I say, the feelings that youexperience having a child are absolutely wonderful, so to have thatagain with another one would be incredible. I'm 37 years old and Lou'sonly 30, so we have plenty of time to try. We are blessed.

Source: Hello! Magazine, Issue #1011 March 11th, p. 32-34.

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