October 03, 2010 12:00 PM

Scott Kirkland/Globe

Rescue Me star Andrea Roth is “madly in love” with her family of three — and it shows!

The actress offers effusive praise of fiancé Todd Biermann in the October issue of Pregnancy, crediting his sunny outlook with lifting her mood during what was a difficult pregnancy — including a bout with swine flu — with daughter Ava Reese, 5 months.

“One of the nicest moments came when we were in a pregnancy class together and our instructor was asking all the partners how things were going,” she recalls. “I remember so many of them saying how tough it was, and when it was Todd’s turn he said, ‘I don’t know why it’s so tough for everyone; We haven’t had any lows.’ It was so sweet.”

“He was fabulous,” Roth, 43, continues. “Even when I started thinking I was depressed because I was so tired all the time, he didn’t get down. He’d whisper, ‘It’s okay. You’re pregnant. You’re building our baby, just relax.'”

Now that Ava is on the scene Roth, who recently joined the cast of Blue Bloods, has been able to do exactly that, keeping her camera close by to capture each and every moment.

“There’s nothing sexier or more beautiful than a man with a child in his arms,” she says. “I must sound really annoying, but I can’t stop taking photos of the two of them together.”

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