Anderson Cooper Reveals He Used Deer Fencing to Babyproof His House for Son Wyatt

Kelly Ripa jokes that Anderson Cooper's home "looks like a weird birdcage" because of the fencing

Anderson Cooper son Wyatt
Anderson Cooper and son Wyatt. Photo: Anderson Cooper/Instagram

Anderson Cooper is sharing the unconventional way he went about babyproofing his home.

The CNN anchor, 54, appeared on Wednesday's episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan and revealed that he put deer fencing around his house to make it safer for his son Wyatt Morgan.

"I think I need a professional to come in and do it because I've been doing it myself," the dad of one said. "Like I bought deer fencing."

Cooper, who co-parents 16-month-old Wyatt with ex Benjamin Maisani, added: "I went to Home Depot and was just like, 'I'll just get some deer fencing and put it up.' "

Co-host and close friend Kelly Ripa went on to tease that Cooper's "whole house looks like a weird birdcage."

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Cooper recently told PEOPLE about the possibility of welcoming more children into his family in the future: "Would I want to have more kids? I would, definitely. It would certainly be nice for Wyatt to have a sibling. Yeah, it would be," said the journalist.

Speaking of his son, Cooper said he is "so happy and giggly" these days.

"He does this thing where we go to a coffee place and he'll walk around and look at people, and once they make eye contact with him he'll laugh," the proud dad continued. "I love how he interacts with strangers and takes joy in them. I'm charmed by everything he does, annoyingly. And being there when he wakes up and taking him out of the crib, it's just the best."

Cooper shared, "I suddenly think like, 'Oh my God, there's going to be a time when he won't let me kiss his face all over or hold his hand even.' I just want to rub his tummy right now as much as I can, because I know at a certain point he'll be like, 'Just get away from me.' "

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