Anderson Cooper's Most Adorable Pictures With His Son, Wyatt Morgan

The journalist has the scoop on being a new dad 

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Welcome to the World!

Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper and son Wyatt. Anderson Cooper/instagram

Wyatt Morgan Cooper was born via surrogate on April 27, 2020, making Anderson Cooper a first-time dad.

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What's in a Name?

Anderson Cooper
Wyatt Cooper. Anderson Cooper/instagram

Wyatt gets his namesake from Cooper's late father, Wyatt Emory Cooper.

"He is named after my father, who died when I was ten," Cooper explained in his emotional announcement on CNN. "I hope I can be as good a dad as he was. My son's middle name is Morgan. It's a family name on my mom's side. I know my mom and dad liked the name Morgan because I recently found a list they made 52 years ago when they were trying to think of names for me. Wyatt Morgan Cooper. My son."

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Over the Moon

Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper's son Wyatt. Anderson Cooper/instagram

Cooper feels extra blessed to be a father.

On his show, Anderson Cooper 360°, he said, "As a gay kid, I never thought it would be possible to have a child, and I'm grateful for all those who have paved the way, and for the doctors and nurses and everyone involved in my son's birth," he wrote.

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Giving Thanks

Anderson Cooper and Wyatt
Melanie Acevedo

Cooper said of his surrogate, "Most of all, I am grateful to a remarkable surrogate who carried Wyatt, and watched over him lovingly, and tenderly, and gave birth to him."

"It is an extraordinary blessing — what she, and all surrogates give to families who can't have children. My surrogate has a beautiful family of her own, a wonderfully supportive husband, and kids, and I am incredibly thankful for all the support they have given Wyatt and me. My family is blessed to have this family in our lives."

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A New Level of Love

Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper and son Wyatt. Anderson Cooper/instagram

Cooper told PEOPLE that having Wyatt in his life has made his heart exceptionally full.

"It feels like my life has actually begun," Cooper said. "And I sort of wonder, what was I waiting for? This is a new level of love. It's unlike anything I've experienced, and yet it's also very familiar and incredibly special and intimate. It's really extraordinary."

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A Dream Come True

Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper and son Wyatt on the cover of PEOPLE's Pride issue. Melanie Acevedo

"When I was 12 years old and knew I was gay and thought about my life, it always upset me because I thought, 'I will never be able to have a kid,'" Cooper told PEOPLE for the magazine's first-ever Pride issue. "This is a dream come true."

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A Bright, Bright Future

anderson cooper
Anderson Cooper and son Wyatt. Melanie Acevedo

"I feel invested in the future in a way I hadn't really before," Cooper told PEOPLE. "There's something about having a child that makes you feel connected to what is happening and you want to make sure that the world this child is growing up in is a better one. You suddenly worry much more about the future of all of us."

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Lots of Love

anderson cooper and wyatt with benjamin
Anderson Cooper (R) with Benjamin Maisani and son Wyatt. Melanie Acevedo

Cooper is co-parenting with his best friend and former partner, Benjamin Maisani.

"There is no acrimony between us," Cooper told PEOPLE. "Even though it's maybe unconventional because he's my ex, he is my family."

"I knew what it was like growing up without a dad," Cooper said. "If there was ever something that happened to me, I would want Wyatt to be surrounded by love."

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Anderson Cooper and Wyatt
Melanie Acevedo

Wyatt clearly already looks up to his journalist father.

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Family Portrait

Anderson Cooper and Wyatt
Melanie Acevedo

For his part, Cooper says he can't take his eyes off of his baby boy.

"I just stare at him. Hours will go by and I realize I've just been sitting there, holding him," Cooper admitted on an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan. "After a baby's born, you do this thing called skin-to-skin where you hold the baby on your chest. I still do that all the time. There's nothing better."

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Say Cheese

Anderson Cooper and Wyatt
Anderson Cooper and son Wyatt. Melanie Acevedo

At just 6 weeks old, Wyatt was already one photogenic baby!

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Sleepy Baby

Anderson Cooper and Wyatt
Melanie Acevedo

When it comes to another baby, Cooper told PEOPLE that he "hasn't ruled anything out down the road."

"I need to probably sleep a little bit more and clear my head, but I think it would be great, one day, to have a brother or sister for Wyatt," he said.

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Sweet Smooch

Anderson Cooper, Wyatt
Anderson Cooper and son Wyatt. Anderson Cooper/Instagram

Cooper shared some of Wyatt's favorite things in honor of him turning 10 weeks old! "He likes naps and milk, bath time and being read to," the new dad wrote on Instagram.

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Selfie snuggle buds! "My son will be five months old in less than two weeks. He is such a happy baby even though he has started teething," Cooper shared on Instagram, alongside a photo of the pair relaxing together.

Cooper added, "He loves being read to and so far Dr. Seuss is his favorite, particularly One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Ok, that's my favorite, but he does seem to like it a lot."

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Cutest Baby Alive!

Courtesy Anderson Cooper

Wyatt was named PEOPLE's Cutest Baby Alive for 2020, taking over the title from his playdate companion — and son of one of Cooper's best friends and fellow "playground dads" Andy Cohen — Benjamin Allen Cohen, who was crowned the cutest by PEOPLE in 2019.

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Happy Co-Parents

Courtesy Anderson Cooper

Wyatt gets a loving look from Cooper's co-parent and former partner, Benjamin Maisani.

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Just Keep Swimming

Wyatt takes a dip in the pool and shows off his swimming skills (with some help of course)!

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Baby Buzz

Anderson Cooper's son Wyatt Morgan. Courtesy Anderson Cooper

Could Wyatt bee any cuter?! For his first Halloween, Cooper's son was the cutest bumblebee on the block.

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Big Smiles

Courtesy Anderson Cooper

It's not hard to imagine why Wyatt is our pick for Cutest Baby Alive! Just look at those baby blues and that sweet smile and you'll get it!

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Ol' Blue Eyes

anderson cooper and son
anderson cooper/ instagram

Cooper shared new shots on Wyatt in March 2021, but for a special cause: the memory of CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski's daughter Francesca, aka "Beans," who died on Christmas Eve 2020 of brain cancer at just 9 months old.

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Helping Hands

anderson cooper and son
Anderson Cooper and son Wyatt. anderson cooper/ instagram

"As a new parent, I am lucky that my son is healthy, but there a lot of kids facing life-threatening illnesses," Cooper wrote in his Instagram caption. "Francesca 'Beans' Kaczynski died of a rare brain cancer when she was just 9 months old. In her honor, we at CNN are raising money for kids with cancer. Be part of #TeamBeans! Proceeds from the sale of these hats go to @DanaFarber."

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Team Players

anderson cooper and son
anderson cooper/ instagram

A sweet selfie for their beloved friends.

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Looking Up

anderson cooper and son
anderson cooper/ instagram

Wyatt sweetly touched Dad's face while drinking up in the last of the Insta shots.

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Biggest Fan

anderson cooper
Wyatt Cooper. anderson cooper/instagram

"Wyatt has never seen me on tv before, and he likely won't for a long while," Cooper wrote on April 19, 2021, as his son watched him host Jeopardy!, "but apparently he caught a bit of me on @Jeopardy! It was a dream come true to be guest hosting, and to pay tribute to #AlexTrebek and raise money for @hashaiti."

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Hanging With Uncle Andy

Andy Cohen Instagram
Andy Cohen Instagram

Andy Cohen shared a sweet photo matching in plaid button up in celebration of Wyatt's birthday. The Watch What Happens Live host captioned the shot, "Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt Cooper! I love twinning with you. XO Uncle Andy & Mr. Ben."

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One Year Around the Sun

Anderson Cooper Instagram
Anderson Cooper Instagram; J. Countess/Getty Images

Cooper celebrated his son's birthday with an adorable tribute on Instagram.

"Today is Wyatt's first birthday," the proud dad wrote. "I can't believe it has already been a year."

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Baby Blues

Anderson Cooper Instagram
Anderson Cooper Instagram

"He is sweet and funny, happy and kind, and I love him more than I ever thought possible," the dad finished his tribute, including photos of Wyatt with a red ballon and another in a blue onesie that matched his big blue eyes.

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