Anderson Cooper told Jimmy Kimmel about his regular weekend hangouts with Andy Cohen and Ben, as well as his low-key plans for son Wyatt's upcoming first birthday party

Andy Cohen's son Benjamin Allen has brought new a meaning to Smokey Bear.

During a Thursday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper opened up about having regular weekend hangouts with his pal Cohen and Cohen's son Ben, 2.

"So you really have to keep an eye on Andy's son," host Jimmy Kimmel told his guest when Cooper, 53, pointed out the age difference between Ben and Cooper's son, Wyatt Morgan, who turns 1 later this month.

"You have no idea," said the television journalist, before launching into a hilarious story involving a talking teddy bear Wyatt had been gifted.

"My son hadn't even played with it, and all of a sudden, there's this smell and some smoke and we realize that Andy's son has taken my son's bear, put it in the microwave and turned it on," Cooper recalled.

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anderson cooper, andy cohen
Anderson Cooper and son Wyatt (L); Andy Cohen and son Ben
| Credit: Anderson Cooper/Instagram; Andy Cohen/Instagram
Anderson Cooper on Andy Cohen Almost Killing Him, His Son’s 1st Birthday & Guest Hosting Jeopardy
Anderson Cooper
| Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

"I mean, he baked the bear," a straight-faced Cooper continued amid laughter from Kimmel, 53, and the audience. "It was in there for, like, 10 seconds. And literally there was smoke coming out."

"Smokey the Bear, of course!" Kimmel quipped. "It makes sense!"

"Kids do the darnedest things," Cooper said before the host added jokingly, "Keep Wyatt away from the Cohen boy, I don't know many times I told ya."

The Anderson Cooper 360° host said earlier in the conversation that Cohen, 52, and Ben regularly come by to hang out on Sundays — but Cooper suspects his friend might have ulterior motives other than social ones.

"I've started to realize he's just coming over 'cause he doesn't know what else to do with his son [during] these yawning chasms of time," Cooper teased the Watch What Happens Live host.

anderson cooper and son
Anderson Cooper and son Wyatt
| Credit: anderson cooper/ instagram

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Cooper explained that Cohen recently called him up and said he'd "like to do about three hours" after Cooper asked what activity he wanted to do with the kids.

"He's just thinking about it in blocks of time," Cooper joked. "There was one time where I was like, 'I'm not gonna be here' and he was like, 'Oh no, that's fine.' He just needs a place to go!"

The proud dad, who will soon guest host Jeopardy!, is also gearing up to celebrate Wyatt's first birthday on April 27 — but as a self-professed "really bad planner," he admitted, "I haven't really planned anything yet."

"[Wyatt] obviously doesn't know what's going on with that, so I figured the only thing that really matters ... you know how they staged the moon landing? I'm just gonna stage this," he joked. "I'll get a prop cake and put on a hat and [have] balloons and maybe hire some people to stand around, and then years from now I can show him he had a great [first] birthday party."

In all seriousness, Cooper said with a smile, "Yes, I will probably get a couple friends and have a [real] party."