Ana Ortiz Wants Baby No. 2 'Relatively Soon'

Doctors say that an expectant mom will often crave what her body needs, and for Ana Ortiz those cravings translated into a temporary suspension of her vegetarian diet. “It has been much more difficult,” the 38-year-old actress conceded to Cookie magazine shortly before delivering daughter Paloma Louise, 2 ½-weeks, “because I have really been craving meat.” When she did succumb, Ana said she would stick to local, grass-fed, organic meats in an effort to stay “as healthy as possible.” Describing herself as a “really nervous” expectant mom, Ana nonetheless said — at the time! — she was eager to do it all again.

“Kind of, yeah. I know that sounds weird, and everyone’s like, ‘Oh, yeah. You say that now, but wait until…’ But, yeah, I do want to have another kid, probably relatively soon — not to sound crass — but just to get it out of the way.”

If she needs a celebrity mom role model, Ana can look no further than Vanessa Williams. Echoing earlier sentiments, Ana said that her good friend and Ugly Betty co-star had given her “tons” of advice that she planned to follow to the letter. “She’s constantly on the hustle,” Ana noted, “and her kids are incredible.”

“They’re respectful and smart and kind. So, you know, you see that, and it’s like, ‘Okay, this is possible. This can be done.’ So basically I follow her around and take notes.”

Anna went on to say that she wanted baby girl to have a Spanish name “with flavor,” and she and husband Noah Lebenzon accomplished just that with Paloma. Although she is also Irish, Ana says that her Puerto Rican heritage is “much closer” to her heart, because her mother is just fourth generation Irish-American. Growing up, Ana and her family made annual trips to Puerto Rico in the summer — and it’s a tradition she intends to continue with her daughter. She adds,

“With my family, there’s no way the baby will be able to escape her Puerto Rican heritage.”

Source: Cookie

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