Since becoming pregnant with her first child – due the end of July – Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz has gained something unexpected: psychic powers!

“Before I found out I was having a girl I dreamt that I was having a girl,” Ana, 38, told PEOPLE at the Point Honors gala in New York City Monday. “I even dreamt what her name was, so I guess that name should be her real name.”

While Ana remained mum on the baby’s name – except for joking, “It’s going to be Watermelon” — she did say, “We have a short list, but when we see her, hopefully, one of those names will fit. I’m hoping at least for a Latina flavor to it. But we’ll see.”

The first time mom – the dad is Ana’s husband, musician Noah Lebenzon – is most looking forward to meeting her daughter.

“I can’t wait to see who she looks like, my husband or me. I think she is going to look like my husband. I’m really excited to see how she looks like. Also I want to see my mom as a grandmother. So it’s going to be fun,” says Ana.

When it comes to shedding her baby weight, “I’m not going to lie,” says Ana. “I’m immediately going to try to get back into shape. We start work [on Ugly Betty] two weeks after I give birth. The pregnancy was not written in the show, so I wish I could be cool and let nature take its course, but no, I’m definitely going to try to get into shape.”

Ana plans to combine old-fashioned and modern techniques to mix up her post-pregnancy workouts. “They say breastfeeding helps, so I’m going to be doing that, but there is this thing called The Belly Bandit and apparently that is supposed to help, but I’m going to pull out all the stops.”

Source: PEOPLE

— Paul Chi