Ana Ortiz: Love for Husband is 'So Much Deeper' Since Becoming Parents

Life with a newborn can be tough, but parenthood has only served to strengthen the bond between Ana Ortiz and husband Noah Lebenzon. “It’s incredible,” the 38-year-old Ugly Betty star recently raved to OK! at the Fashion Secrets of the South gift lounge in New York City. “It’s so much deeper.”

Before the couple welcomed daughter Paloma Louise, 3 months, Ana says she struggled to comprehend the significance of the “’til death do you part” passage in their wedding vows, but now she understands. “We are together forever,” Ana explains. “There’s no one I respect more as a man and as a dad.”

“He’s surpassing my dreams. I’m really lucky…He’s been changing diapers, he’s been getting up in the middle of the night walking her around, he’s been so hands-on and he still manages to be like ‘Baby, you look beautiful. My God, you’re so sexy, you’re so beautiful.’ I’m like ‘Are you for real?'”

Paloma was in attendance at the event because Ana “couldn’t get a babysitter,” but from the sound of things she served as pleasant company for mom. “She just started smiling,” Ana revealed. “It’s always in the morning, and it’s like she’s trying to laugh. It’s almost like she’s coughing — like a cat coughing up a hairball. It’s so cute.”

So cute, in fact, the couple are forging ahead with their plans to make Paloma a big sister. “The sooner the better,” Ana said before adding,

“We’re definitely looking forward to having a playmate for her.”

Source: OK!

— Missy

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