Admiral Road Designs: A Twist on the Homemade Blanket

When I think ofhand-made, personalized baby blankets I think of something that my grandmotherwould make. Well, my grandmother’s gottalent so that’s not entirely a bad thing but these blankets from Admiral Road Designs are definitely giving her some competition!

These fleeceblankets are fun and functional, not to mention adorable…but not in the traditional,pink-and-blue-cutesy kind of way. They comepersonalized with baby’s name and have funky little designs like a sheep, cow, monkeyor, my favorite, a zebra! The blankets are built to last for daily use and don’tpill, run, shrink, fade or fray. Thebest part is that they clean beautifully in the washer and dryer.

Celebrities love AdmiralRoad Designs blankets and they have written notes to the company to attest toit. Julia Roberts says they are a “welcomedeparture from pink and blue.” Julia has the giraffe and monkey blankets for twinsHazel and Finn. Teri Hatcher said she couldn’t wait “to give Emerson this warm,snuggly blanket.” Sarah McLachlan saidthat “India loves her cute baby blanket!!” and wished the company continuedsuccess. Al Roker said that “both kids are sleeping with them and Nicky iswalking around with his a la Linus!” Eric McCormack said he loves “this sort ofhomemade feel and look.” Roman Zelman, son of Debra Messing even “wrote” hisown personal note saying his blanket “keeps me so warm and fuzzy!”

The blankets retailfor $44 and you can order them through the Admiral Road Designs website or bycalling the company toll free at 866.466.9566.

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