Amy Grant wishes for more time with her family

Amy Grant, the star of the new NBC show Three Wishes, shares how hard it to leave her family to travel for her career. She revealed that for years she’s had "to leave home to do my job, whether it’s a tour or a TV show" and now "everyone’s growing up and growing away." If possible, she says that she’d love to be in "two in places at one time" in order to be able to "do the work that I love and be with the people I love."

In March 2000, Amy married fellow musician Vince Gill and in 2001, she gave birth to their daughter, Corinna. Amy also has three children from her first marriage to Gary Chapman — Matthew, 18; Sarah, 15; and Gloria ("Millie"), 13. Vince has a daughter Jenny, 23, with his ex-wife Janis.

Source: OK! Magazine

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