Amy Schumer Says She Feels 'Strong and Beautiful' While Showing Off Baby Bump

Amy Schumer is expecting her first child after announcing her pregnancy in October

Amy Schumer is making the most of her pregnancy.

On Saturday, the 37-year-old comedian posted a mirror selfie to Instagram that showed off her bare baby bump, as Schumer wore nothing but black underwear and a beige bra.

“Feeling strong and beautiful today,” she captioned the image, adding the hashtag “#didntpuke.”

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Schumer announced her pregnancy on social media in October. This will be the first child for the actress and husband Chris Fischer, who tied the knot in February of last year.

From sharing details about her battle with hyperemesis to general discomfort and beyond, Schumer has been open about the difficulties of pregnancy in social media posts, interviews and her new Netflix special Growing.

On Wednesday, she shared a hilarious video to her Instagram account, where she gave a cheery tutorial to other expectant moms showing them how to put their socks on at this stage in pregnancy.

“If you’re pregnant, like I am, and you want to put your socks on, it’s easy. First, the left foot,” Schumer said, before crossing her left leg over her right thigh to get the first half of the job done relatively quickly. “Okay — a little discomfort but not really a problem.”

“And then the right foot. You just … it’s easy,” she continued with a smile, attempting in vain to lift her right leg up but resorting to reaching down as far as she can toward her foot with the sock instead.

“You put your toe in … and then you try it from behind. And then you just kind of … slowly will the sock up your foot!” the actress said, bringing her right leg up onto the bed and beginning to put her sock on one-handed from that angle, eventually succeeding. “And that‘s pregnant.”

In February, Schumer had to cancel her comedy tour due to hyperemesis gravidarum — a form of acute morning sickness that the actress has been battling throughout her pregnancy.

“Due to complications from hyperemesis I am not cleared to fly for the next couple of weeks I am going to cancel the remainder of my tour,” the I Feel Pretty star wrote on Instagram at the time, adding, “the baby and I are healthy and everything looks good. But I am in my 3rd trimester and I am still nauseous all the time and vomiting.”

“I have a pretty good attitude about it and some days I feel good for a couple hours,” the actress continued. “But mostly it’s sucks [sic]. I wanted to push through and do my shows. Because I hate letting people down and I love stand up and money! But more than that I have to think about my health and the baby.”

“I know you guys get it and people are like. Bitch are you ok? Take it easy but it’s still embarrassing to have to cancel,” she concluded.

Pregnancy has had its fun moments too, despite Schumer’s hardships. The comedian was lucky enough to be in New Orleans in February and early March during the height of Mardi Gras festivities.

And no visit to the Crescent City is complete without a trip to Café du Monde for a bag of beignets and a consequent face full of powdered sugar — the latter of which the Trainwreck star put on display with no shame, from her mouth to her cheeks and forehead.

“So, would you say this is for … the baby, or … ?” a man behind the camera could be heard saying in the video posted earlier this month as Schumer reached inside the sugar-filled paper bag for more.

“You never know when a craving’s gonna come on, and there’s no better city than New Orleans,” Schumer replied.

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