The comedian will celebrate Archie's birthday with a new episode of her Nickelodeon show, The Mighty B!

By Aaron Parsley
Updated October 24, 2009 12:00 PM
Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Halloween is a special time for Amy Poehler – and not because she’s obsessed with witches or carving jack-o’-lanterns.

“As an adult living in New York City, Halloween is a little redundant,” says the Parks and Recreations star. “For a long time, I got to wear a lot of wigs and dress up. I always wanted to take a break from that [because] I was never a very big Halloween person, but maybe that will change.”

That’s because this Halloween Poehler, 38, has somebody else to dress up: Her son, Archie, will turn 1 on Oct. 25.

“This year has been an outstanding year and really a thrilling one,” she says. “It’s gone by really, really fast and I can’t believe he’s 1.”

“Children are amazing for so many reasons and one of them is that they kind of punctuate your life,” she says of the milestone. “Often our lives go by so fast without enjoying the moment and being able to reflect. When you have a person living in your house that is growing next to you it’s just amazing to watch and reflect the passage of time.”

A Special Day

Come Sunday, she’ll have more to celebrate than just a birthday. Nickelodeon is premiering a special Halloween episode of Poehler’s cartoon, The Mighty B! (11:30 a.m. EST).

The show is based on the character Bessie Higgenbottom, whom Poehler describes as “this feisty, plucky, bossy, Honey Bee scout, who goes on all these adventures in hopes of collecting all these badges.” “She’s our hero,” Poehler says, “and when she’s in trouble or needs to dig deep she turns into the Mighty B, which is a superhero in her mind.”

In the episode, entitled “Catatonic,” Bessie decides to dress up like a cat for Halloween. “[The] cat suit has kind of special powers and things go kind of crazy,” Poehler says.

But that cat costume was not inspired by something Poehler wore as a kid.

“I grew up with a working mom so I had a lot of last-minute costumes, which can be fun,” she says. “I think I rocked the gypsy look for one year too many – which I don’t even think is a politically correct term anymore. I think I was a hobo maybe one year too many – again, not sure if ‘hobo’ is a politically correct term.”