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Updated September 21, 2008 04:00 PM

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett aren’t expecting their first child until next month — when Amy jokes her baby "drops" and she expects "everybody to go out and get it" — but that hasn’t stopped the mom-to-be from already planning their baby’s wedding! Opting for a delivery surprise, Amy doesn’t care if it’s a boy or girl because either way she wants the baby "to marry Alice Richmond, Tina [Fey]’s daughter." According to Amy, the Saturday Night Live actresses would "make a lovely mother and mother-in-law of the bride!" Her other wish for her unborn child? To inherit Will’s "terrific, terrific legs" instead of Amy’s, which she claims resemble those of a "10-year-old boy!"

When Amy isn’t planning future nuptials for her baby, lately she has been quite busy "crying at everything." From episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to trees blowing in the wind, Amy says there is absolutely "no shame" in the hormonal ups and downs of pregnancy. In addition to her emotional roller coaster, the 37-year-old actress has also worked up quite an appetite during the day, admitting to often snacking between her double indulgence breakfasts! "I ate two waffles, a banana, and cereal with blueberries. And that was between my two breakfasts," joked Amy during an interview with USA Today. With an ever-growing craving for food and a belly to match, when Amy is asked how she manages to balance it all between her pregnancy and her work schedule, she takes the question quite literally!

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With the decision to hide her belly during her final appearances on SNLas much as possible, Amy wishes that she could do the same for her bignight at the Emmys this evening! Saying she is "super-thrilled to goand so excited that, physically, I can still go," Amy jokes that alongwith "a team of scientists and engineers," the group have alreadyschemed to avert the eye from the belly up to the face. Keeping instyle with Will who is "going to wear vertical stripes that point up tothe sky," Amy will be going for a similar ensemble, choosing "a dresswith a neon arrow pointing to the sky." As the actress jokes about herEmmy outfit, going as far as to wish she could show up in "a wrestlingsinglet and flip-flops," her worries on making the worst dressed listsaren’t far from her mind as she warns that picking on a pregnant woman"would be kind of rude!"

Source: USA Today