"They all were like, 'get the drugs,' " the Superstore actress said


Pregnant America Ferrera is soon to be the final star of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants to become a mother, which means she gets to benefit from costars Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn‘s combined years of experience.

Though Ferrera’s former castmates are loaded with motherhood advice, there’s one pearl of wisdom that sticks out to the mama-to-be.

“They all were like, ‘get the drugs,’ ” Ferrera, 33, told PEOPLE at an event for The North Face in New York City on Tuesday. “So we’ll see if I do. But I think it’s a very sound piece of advice.”

From left: Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn and Blake Lively
| Credit: America Ferrera/Instagram

And while Lively, Bledel and Tamblyn have each been in mommy mode for a while now, going from sisterhood to motherhood is still taking some getting used to.

“We get together with the kids, it just still blows my mind,” Ferrera said. “Blake was 16 I think when I met her, I had just turned 20. I couldn’t even go to a bar. Amber and Alexis were old enough to like go to a bar because they were just 21 and I was like just, ‘Alright, well, text me when you’re back at the hotel,’ ” she recalled. “And now we’re moms.”

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When asked if the ladies hope their children will form their own sisterhood of sorts, Ferrera said, “Yeah, of course we do.”

“It’s so wonderful to get to grow up with other women who deeply understand the specific experience of growing up in this industry,” said Ferrera, who believes the feeling is mutual. “I think they similarly feel that our relationships to one another — and our relationships with the other women in our lives and in this industry — have really helped us survive it and have really empowered us to find our own voices and to do things our own way and in a way that feels empowering to us.”

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The event was held to launch The North Face’s new initiative, Move Mountains. Partnered with Ferrera and Girl Scouts of the USA, The North Face is using this campaign to celebrate the new generation of female explorers.

Ferrera, who announced her first pregnancy with husband Ryan Piers Williams on New Years Eve, wants exploration to come naturally to her little one.

“I grew up in a concrete jungle. All my schools were surrounded by wire fencing and we played handball, but we so rarely got to get in the dirt and get in the mud. Running a mile on Wednesday felt like torture instead of fun or a celebration of what’s possible,” the now triathlete said of her Los Angeles upbringing. “So I think for the next generation and for my next generation, personally, I want that to feel like first nature, because it is. It is our nature to get out and explore and to test the limits of what’s possible for us in the world.”

The actress, who helped launch Times Up, loves that this campaign spreads a message “about what our bodies are for,” she said.

“So often as young girls, as women, we’re told that our bodies are for looking a certain way or being decorative or for shrinking or building up, a much more visual message of what our bodies are meant to look like, versus what our bodies are meant to be doing,” she said.

Pregnancy has also changed the Superstore star’s relationship with her body. “Right now, being pregnant is an interesting time because it’s a whole new relationship to my body, a whole new appreciation for this amazing body I have that knows on its own how to build a human being, it’s incredible,” she shared.

“You already have everything you need inside of you to be the best version of yourself,” said Ferrera.