Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump: Professional Quality For Pumping Moms

Ameda’s new Purely Yours Ultra breast pump ($300) offers working moms the portability and customization they need to pump successfully. It can be used plugged into a wall, used with the included car adapter (not while driving, please) or on batteries.

When I found myself pumping in a makeshift storage room at a trade show, I was glad to have battery power, and this pump runs on 6 AA batteries, which can be found almost anywhere.

The Purely Yours Ultra pump allows you to adjust the speed and suction independently, which is a nice feature that lets you customize each session, but there’s no memory function so you have to set it each time. Some pumps use pre-programmed modes that may not be exactly the right combination for some. This means there is no “letdown mode” to stimulate milk flow, but it’s easy to adjust it so it pumps quickly with just a bit of suction, which achieves the same purpose. The pump kit includes three sizes of flanges for a perfect fit. In all, seven sizes are available separately.

Like most electric pumps, the motor is a bit noisy. I usually throw a blanket over it so I can hear the TV. The motor is bigger than other portables but it is designed to hold the bottles when you’re done. That reduces spillage, which happens to everyone, but it’s enough to make a mama cry!

The Purely Yours Ultra has a lot of pieces to keep track of, and it won’t work as a dual pump if you forget one. A checklist in the bag might be a good addition. The included black carrying tote bag is nondescript and the milk storage case comes with ice packs and holds six milk bottles and three different flange sizes because everyone’s breasts and nipples are different sizes.

The bottles are BPA-free but don’t come with nipples. However, you can attach Medela’s nipples and bottle caps to the Ameda bottles, or you can pump right into the Medela bottles with the Ameda pump. We know that many pumping moms use different bottles for feeding anyway.

As a bonus, the Purely Yours Ultra comes with a manual pump. It only pumps one side at a time, but small, manual pumps are great for travel.

Pros: Customizable fit, speed and suction. Runs on AA batteries in a pinch. Comes with carrying case, car power adapter, milk storage bag and manual pump.

Cons: Lots of parts to keep track of. No nipples for feeding directly from pumped bottles.

The Verdict: The Purely Yours Ultra breast pump is a high-quality pump that comes with all the pieces you’ll need for breast milk collection and storage on the go.

— Kristen

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