June 17, 2016 05:15 PM

Amber Rose isn’t one for divorce drama. In fact, her biggest priority is the safety and happiness of her 3-year-old son Sebastian Taylor with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.

“We love our son so much, and Sebastian is the happiest when we’re together,” the 32-year-old model and fashion designer says in an interview for PEOPLE Now, addressing the reason why she and Khalifa — who were married for just over a year before Rose filed for divorce, and recently spent an amicable evening together — can put aside their differences and get along so easily.

“Wiz will always be my best friend, forever — we’re best friends,” she adds. “It’s kind of weird, because it’s like … we’re almost better divorced, you know? It just really worked out for us that way.”

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Rose shares that at first, it was difficult to just get up and go to the home of Khalifa, 28, when Sebastian wanted her to go with him shortly following their split. But eventually, the twosome were able to co-parent more effectively by just being with their son together.

“[During] a full day with me and [Wiz] and Sebastian, Sebastian’s happy. He’s like, ‘Mommy this, Daddy this!’ ” she says. “It’s awesome. That’s the most important thing, is when your baby’s happy.”

The feminist mom of one — who has a new weekly talk showThe Amber Rose show, premiering Friday on VH1 —  also addressed what she hopes the future between herself and Khalifa will look like.

“He’s the love of my life, and that will never, ever go away,” she says, noting that thinking about some of the good times from their past does make her feel sad even though their relationship is good now.

In fact, Rose is extremely optimistic about what might develop between the twosome down the road.

“Maybe in a couple years, we’ll get back together and have some more babies,” she says. “I tell him all the time, ‘Please just give me your sperm. That’s all I want.’ “

She continues jokingly, “He’s like, ‘No,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, I’m just gonna have to take advantage of you then.’ “

Jen Juneau

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