"To be fair, I did sleep with my mom until I was like a senior in high school," the fashion designer said on her Instagram Story Tuesday

Amanda Stanton is getting real about her daughters’ sleep schedule.

The former Bachelor star, 29, revealed on her Instagram Story Tuesday that her daughters, 5-year-old Charlie and 7-year-old Kinsley, are not sleep trained.

“So, so many props to people who sleep train their kids when they’re like three months old, because mine are 5 and 7, and they’re still not sleep trained. And at this point, I don’t think they will ever be,” Stanton said in a video on her Story, on which she wrote, “Everyone’s shocked my kids still sleep with me.”

The fashion designer admitted that she enjoys snuggling up with her daughters, though.

“But I don’t really mind like 99 percent of the time, it’s fine if they sleep with me,” she continued with a shrug. “There are some nights where it would be nice if they slept in their own bed, but it is what it is.”

Nonetheless, it sounded like Stanton could be swayed to get her daughters into their own beds… someday.

Amanda Stanton
Credit: Amanda Stanton/Instagram
Amanda Stanton
Credit: Amanda Stanton/Instagram

“Any tips are welcome, though. Is it too late? Am I doomed?” she asked her followers, before admitting that she slept with her mom well into her teens.

“And to be fair, I did sleep with my mom until I was like a senior in high school,” she added. “So I think it just runs in the family, we’re a needy family, and that’s fine. Because even if they wanted to sleep in their own beds, I think I’d probably be begging them to come sleep with me.”

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Amanda Stanton
Amanda Stanton and daughters
| Credit: Amanda Stanton/Instagram

Stanton later shared a fan’s comment that said she and her seven sisters would all routinely pile into their parents’ bed. The mother of two responded by writing, “I always say we literally just need a one-bedroom apartment. Our house is four bedrooms and it’s just a waste of space.”

Earlier in her Instagram Story, Stanton had revealed that she let Charlie and Kinsley decorate their rooms and got them bunk beds because they promised they’d sleep in their own beds if she did.

“They haven’t slept in their own beds once,” Stanton wrote. “Stinkers.”