Amanda Peet Apologizes for Vaccine Parasite Comment


Amanda Peet‘s use of the word "parasite" to describe parents who don’t vaccinate their children in her recent Cookie magazine cover story angered many CBB and Cookie readers. In the interview, after stating that "now that I’ve done my research, vaccines do not concern me," Amanda added, "parents who don’t vaccinate their children are parasites." However, after the issue hit the stands, the you-know-what hit the fan. Responding to the outrage her comment incurred, Amanda has issued an apology on the Cookie website saying, "I believein my heart that my use of the word ‘parasites’ was mean and divisive." She goes on to explain "I know a lot of parents who secretly use as a justification, ‘Well,enough other people are vaccinating, so therefore, we don’t have to.’"

She does not, however, retract her position that vaccines are critical for the health of our children and our world and encourages the re-channeling of energy and resources into autism research.

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