Amanda Kloots Recalls Emotional Moment Son Elvis Embodied Late Dad Nick Cordero's Spirit

Amanda Kloots recounted a recent moment when she felt the "energy shift" from her 2-year-old son Elvis to her late husband Nick Cordero

amanda kloots son elvis
Photo: Amanda Kloots/Instagram. Inset: CBS via Getty

Amanda Kloots is opening up about her son's spiritual connection to his late dad Nick Cordero.

The Talk co-host, 39, appears on Monday's episode of the Dear Media podcast Dear Gabby, during which she recalls a recent memory of her 2-year-old son Elvis Eduardo embodying the spirit of Cordero, who died last July after a months-long battle with COVID-19.

"That day was so bonkers," Kloots begins the story. "I was in a parking lot getting Elvis in his car seat and I just felt his energy shift. It was the weirdest, but yet not weird at all, thing. This energy whooshed in. All of the sudden, Elvis is staring at me."

Kloots says her son was acting in a way that was "not typical of him" as he continued to stare at his mother.

"He's just staring at me so of course, I start staring at him and I lock eyes and I give him a hug. He's hugging me and he's holding me and he won't let me go. Every time I try to pull away he just grabs on to me more," she continues. "Then I finally pull away and I've locked eyes with him and he starts touching my face, like holding my face in his hands, going over my eyes and then opening my eye and doing that over and over again and he's staring at me while he's doing it."

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Nick Cordero
Nick Cordero and son Elvis. Amanda Kloots/Instagram

Kloots says her son then grabbed hold of her ring finger, where she still wears her wedding ring, studied the band and then "takes his little hands, puts them on my face, pulls me into his and kisses me and holds it there, for what to me felt like five minutes."

After her son pulled away and hugged her again, Kloots says she felt "another energy shift and he goes back into Elvis."

Host Gabby Bernstein tells Kloots that Cordero "incorporated into [Elvis]" and her son was able to act as a "portal" for her to feel her late husband, who died at the age of 41.

Amanda Kloots, Nick Cordero
Amanda Kloots/Instagram

"When people are that open they have the ability to literally embody someone's spirit," Bernstein says.

Kloots recently honored the late Broadway star on the one-year anniversary of his death, sharing a montage of images featuring the couple and their son.

"Today hurts, there is no other way around it," Kloots began. "One year ago you left us and became our angel in heaven. You were surrounded by so much love and Led Zeppelin playing on Spotify-no doubt that was your doing, not mine. What happened was unthinkable, losing you was my biggest fear. I used to tell you all the time, 'Don't you dare go anywhere. If I lost you, I don't know what I'd do.' "

She went on to say that "there hasn't been a day this year" when her husband wasn't "missed, thought about and talked about."

"Thank you for being our guardian angel, for sending me signs, for being my DJ in heaven," Kloots addressed Cordero. "I know you're just 2 [inches] away. We only had a few short years together but they were filled with so much love, laughter, adventure, dreams, change and growth. It was my 'Nick era' and I'll have it forever."

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