By peoplestaff225
Updated September 11, 2008 07:00 AM

Amanda Borden may have been the captain of the 1996 U.S. Olympic "Magnificent Seven" gymnastics team that won a gold medal, but that experience does not rank in comparison to becoming a mother to daughter Kennedy Faith 13 months ago. Welcoming Kennedy was "by far the coolest thing" that Amanda has ever done and "to see her and hear her for the first time was the most amazing experience of my life."

Now that Kennedy is getting older, she’s showing her personality and is "totally like mommy." Amanda, 31, shared that "she has my energy and personality" and is "climbing, walking, jumping, very gymnastics oriented," which is a good thing because she just began gymnastics class. However, Amanda and her husband Brad Cochran didn’t enroll their little girl in the class so she could be like mom, in fact, it was to teach her life lessons.