Alyssa Milano Picked Daughter's September Birthdate So She Could Have Same Birthday as Beyoncé

The mother-of-two says on PEOPLE's new Me Becoming Mom podcast that she had the choice between her daughter being born on Sept. 3 or Sept. 4

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Alyssa Milano is revealing how Beyoncé was the deciding factor in choosing her daughter's birthdate.

The Sorry Not Sorry author, 48, talks about motherhood on PEOPLE's new Me Becoming Mom podcast, sharing the unconventional way she landed on which day to welcome her daughter Elizabella Dylan, now 7, to the world.

The actress, who also shares son Milo Thomas, 10, with husband David Bugliari, explains that while she wasn't supposed to "labor at all" with Bella as she had a planned Cesarean section, her daughter ended up coming "five weeks early."

"My doctor, whom I love so much, said to me, 'I think we're gonna take her. The question is, are we gonna go — it was like 11:30 at night — or should we wait until after midnight?' " Milano recalls. "And [my best friend] Alaa looked up whose birthdays were on the 3rd and the 4th. And he was like, 'Beyoncé's birthday is on the 4th! Wait until after midnight.' "

"So we picked her birthday," she continues. "We had a choice between September 3rd and 4th and because Beyoncé's birthday is the 4th, Alaa's like, 'Yep! We're in. The 4th.' "

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Elsewhere in the episode, Milano opens up about embracing her changing body, sharing why she's grown to be proud of the scar left from her C-section.

"How many people can say this is where they cut me open, removed all of the organs in the way, got my baby out, gave me my baby, put all of the organs back in, and then stitched me and stapled me up?" she says. "There's something incredibly tribal about it, almost. It feels almost like a tattoo in a way."

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