September 02, 2015 12:30 PM

Alyssa Milano has a lot on her plate, but now she will be able to clean that plate with a little style.

The mother of two partnered with Viva Paper Towels to create Viva Signature Designs that are available now nationwide. “They’re modern and yet classic at the same time,” Milano told PEOPLE while promoting the collaboration Tuesday at The Palihouse in West Hollywood.

Those new, chic paper towels will come in handy sooner than later for Milano. On Friday, she will be celebrating daughter Elizabella Dylan‘s first birthday — and it sounds like it might get messy.

“We’re just going to get her a smash cake and let her eat sugar for the first time,” she shares.

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And although Milano’s baby girl may be celebrating her first birthday, she already has her first fan: big brother Milo Thomas, 4.

“He just loves her so hard, he wants to smash her. It’s that kind of delicious like, ‘Oh I love her!’ ” the actress explains.

Milo may be in love with his little sister, but Milano knows Elizabella is lucky to have him as a sibling. “He’s the perfect big brother. I could not have asked for anything better,” she says of her son.

While she’s optimistic about the future relationship between the two, she’s proceeding with caution. “Who knows what’s going to happen when she can walk over and take his toy,” she jokes. “But right now, he’s just so madly in love with her and she worships everything that he does. It’s so sweet.”

When it comes to having fun as a family, the foursome — including Milano’s husband David Bugliari — know how to have a good time. “We have dance parties almost every night with both of them,” Milano says.

While the tots may be young, their taste in dance music is very grown-up. “Honestly, I’m embarrassed to say my daughter’s favorite track to dance to is ‘Big Booty’ by [Jennifer Lopez],” she admits. “She’s obsessed with that song.”

However, Milo’s favorite track to turn up is a classic. “My son is really in to ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen,” shares Milano.

Aside from dance parties, another activity Milano’s kids love is reading — especially her daughter, whose favorite book is Mommy Hugs by Karen Katz, which Milano calls, “the cutest book ever.”

Elizabella’s desire to read is a huge help for a busy mom like Milano. “You can put her on the floor with four or five books and she will keep herself occupied for 45 minutes,” the mom of two explains. “It doesn’t matter what books they are, she just loves to look at the pictures and she opens it up.”

As to whether Milano and Bugliari will expand their family in the future, Milano “thinks” she’s done.

“I want another one, but I’m 42 so it’s like, why push my luck? I have two healthy children and I had them both later in my life,” she says.

Although she’s ruling out having any more children, there could still be one more child on the way for her clan. “Maybe I adopt in six years,” she muses.

— Abby Stern

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