"I think people are more comfortable sexualizing breasts than relating them to what they were made for," the actress says

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Updated December 03, 2020 03:13 AM

Alyssa Milano celebrated her daughter Elizabella Dylan‘s 1st birthday on Friday by continuing her crusade to make others appreciate the beauty in breastfeeding.

The actress, 42, shared a throwback photo of herself nursing her daughter in honor of Elizabella’s special day.

“Happy Birthday, my beautiful Elizabella,” she wrote. “You’ve taught me that my heart has no end. You were the missing piece to my soul. Thank you for choosing me.”


Courtesy Alyssa Milano

Milano also shared a photo of the tiny brunette beauty donning a special birthday dress.

“My big girl! 1 year old,” the actress wrote.

The former Mistresses star opened up about why she chooses to share images of herself breastfeeding on social media, despite the sometimes harsh backlash.

“I don’t care,” she told ET during a segment on Tuesday, before joking, “I’m going to keep breastfeeding, maybe even until [Elizabella is] 6!”

Milano says she doesn’t understand why her images draw negative reactions, but Miley Cyrus‘ VMAs nipple slip garnered little attention.

“Everyone’s fine with her nipples being out,” she explains. “I think people are more comfortable sexualizing breasts than relating them to what they were made for, which is feeding another human.”

Milano has long been outspoken about eliminating the stigma surrounding nursing photos.

“I think that breastfeeding moms feel like what they do needs to be hidden, or not feel like they’re getting the appreciation that comes along with being a breastfeeding mom, and it meant something that someone was being vocal,” she previously told PEOPLE.

“When I post pictures of me breastfeeding Bella, it’s not that I’m trying to be very outspoken about breastfeeding, it’s that it’s a very special moment in my life. What [other people] take from that is a whole other thing. Support from not only breastfeeding moms, but moms everywhere, has been really powerful and really overwhelming.”

The star also shares son Milo Thomas with husband David Bugliari, and told PEOPLE last week that the 4-year-old is already a doting big brother.

“He just loves her so hard, he wants to smash her. It’s that kind of delicious like, ‘Oh I love her!’ ” Milano said, adding, “He’s the perfect big brother. I could not have asked for anything better.”

— Lindsay Kimble