Alyson Hannigan Feels Like a 'Slightly Stoned Koala Bear'

Before she was pregnant, Alyson Hannigan admits she doubted that “pregnancy brain” was an actual “thing” — but now the 34-year-old actress knows better. “I sort of feel like a Koala bear where I’m slightly stoned all the time and I’m just like, ‘ahh, oooh,’ and I’ll say the wrong word,” she joked during a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Alyson shared that she “get[s] tired a lot” and was coy about her due date, saying only that “it’s approaching.” (We hear it’s early April.) She also declined the opportunity to announce what she’s having; When asked by host Ellen DeGeneres whether it’s a boy or a girl, Alyson replied “it’s one of those.”

“We do [know what it is]. We’re just not announcing to the world. It seems a little personal.”

Undeterred, Ellen asked Alyson what name they’ve chosen for baby-on-the-way, prompting Alyson to joke “depending on the gender, probably Ellen DeGeneres.” Ellen then held up two onesies — in pink and in blue — and asked Alyson which one she’d like. “Tricky,” Alyson said. “I’ll think about it.”

When Alyson shared that not only is she still craving ginger ale, but her mom craved ginger ale while pregnant with Alyson, Ellen smartly observed “interesting…so maybe it’s a girl?” “You’re very sneaky,” Alyson replied. Finally, Ellen asked Alyson about the Super Bowl and whether she’d let “him” play football some day. Unfazed, Alyson replied,

“Football seems like a very dangerous sport for either gender.”

Baby-on-the-way is also the first for Alyson’s husband, Alexis Denisof.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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