"I was just like: 'Oh no. How do you unbreak your kid? I think I just broke her,' " Hannigan joked to PEOPLE

By peoplestaff225
April 21, 2016 08:00 PM

Alyson Hannigan recently had a major “oops” mommy moment.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the How I Met Your Mother star opened up about whether her daughters Satyana Marie, 7, and Keeva Jane, 3, with husband Alexis Denisof, ever watch their mother on TV.

Hannigan, 42, says while they’re still too young for most of her work, she did have Satyana tune into a recent episode she voiced for Disney Channel’s Sofia the First — only, it didn’t quite go exactly as planned.

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“It’s a cartoon, you know, like very age appropriate, right? So I was like: ‘Great, this is wonderful,’ ” recalled Hannigan. “But I sort of timed it poorly because it was when her dad was filming out of town and so she was really missing him and she was a little emotional.”

Hannigan went on to explain that unfortunately, it just so happened that this particular episode was also “a little sad.”

“My character had the same ability as Elsa from Frozen where she couldn’t touch anything without it turning to ice,” Hannigan explained. “And so there’s a line where my character said: ‘Oh, I just miss hugging my family,’ or something like that — oh my God. It was the worst thing ever. [Satyana] just burst into tears!”

“She was like: ‘Well, she just wanted to hug her family and it was you and I’m your family and that means you couldn’t hug me!’ ” Hannigan said of her daughter’s panicked reaction. “And she was just sobbing uncontrollably.”

Hannigan joked about the incident: “I was just like: ‘Oh no. How do you unbreak your kid? I think I just broke her.’ “

“And there’s no guidebook, like: ‘Well, I let her watch a cartoon I was in and I really screwed her up, how do I deal with this?’ You can’t really Google that!” Hannigan said with a laugh.

At the end of the day though, Hannigan chalked it all up to the fact that Satyana was just feeling sad about Dad.

“I know that it was because she missed her dad and that was the real source, but I felt really bad,” she said. “I was like: ‘Yeah, so no more watching Mommy on television!’ “

And while Hannigan says she “definitely” thinks her girls will watch How I Met Your Mother when they get a little bit older, there’s one project she isn’t looking forward to having to explain to them: the notoriously raunchy American Pie movies.

“I try to avoid thinking about that,” Hannigan admitted. “But I know that time will come and we’ll have a discussion!”

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Meanwhile, the actress is just enjoying watching her “adorable” and super-close daughters grow up.

“They love to dress like each other,” she revealed. “I never thought I’d be the mom that has the kids that dress like each other but they want to do it! Like, it’s them, it’s all them! … Now I have to buy two of everything.”

And of course, they take after Mom in more ways than one: Keeva is “so hilarious” that Hannigan wonders if she might go into acting in the future, and poor Satyana, whom Hannigan calls her “mini-me,” suffers from the same seasonal allergies as her mother.

“I have had allergies for as long as I can remember,” Hannigan, who is in partnership with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America to stage an “Allergy Intervention.”

“Particularly during the Buffy [the Vampire Slayer] days because I was working 18 hour days — if you watch the early seasons you can tell because I can’t breathe through my nose!” Hannigan said. “So finally I just couldn’t take it anymore, I saw a doctor and life is so much better now that I can breathe.”

— Aurelie Corinthios