By peoplestaff225
Updated November 17, 2008 10:00 AM

Already in her second trimester, Alyson Hannigan is relying on "flowy tops" to hide her burgeoning belly on the set of How I Met Your Mother and with no plans to write the pregnancy into the show, she is sure she will "be carrying things in a few months." While the 34-year-old disguises her bump for her role, her husband Alexis Denisof laughs that once she is off work, she is like any other mom-to-be with her — very specific — pickle cravings.

Despite Alyson mentioning her excitement over finding out whether they will be the proud parents of a girl or a boy, Alexis reveals that the two are already in the know. "We know the gender, but I don’t think I’m allowed to say. Alyson didn’t give a clearance," says Alexis. However, the dad-to-be is willing to share their baby-naming system saying that both he and Alyson make a list, swap the suggestions, and "start eliminating names from each other’s lists" hoping to eventually "compile a master list." Some names Alyson and Alexis have already ruled out? Alyson’s suggestion of Bruce and Alexis’ suggestion of Dennis!

As the upcoming holidays grow closer, the couple are eagerly looking forward to a chance to "nest" as they prepare for their spring baby. Already sharing her New Year’s resolution — "to get more organized" — the excited new mom, who is "over the moon" feeling her baby kick, will spend her break stocking up on newborn essentials. With Alyson full-swing into baby-mode, Alexis is getting into the groove of things as well.

Source: E! Online, Star