April 28, 2016 01:15 PM

In the newest episode of PEOPLE’s Mom Talk, four celebrity moms chat about how body image becomes a whole new challenge in motherhood once you have children — and especially if those children are girls.

“When [my husband and I] first got together, I said, ‘I’m never allowed to say I look fat,’ ” says Orange Is the New Black star Alysia Reiner. ” ‘And if I ever say that, you’re not allowed to answer it.’ ”

She adds that it has been challenging — and maybe even impossible — to keep 7-year-old Livia Charlesher daughter with husband David Alan Basche, from following in her mother’s body-conscious footsteps.

“I’m hoping she never does that, but she will,” Reiner concedes. “She’s a girl.”

“It’s a girl thing,” agrees her OITNB costar Selenis Leyva. “It’s really scary to hear your child look at herself in the mirror and find herself somehow not right.”

But on top of wanting to make sure their daughters know they’re beautiful no matter what their body type, the moms also joke that it’s difficult to balance being supportive with making sure their girls’ heads don’t get too big.

“How do you not blow her up?” asks Good Morning America weather anchor and Dancing with the Stars contestant Ginger Zee, who is mom to son Adrian Benjamin, 4 months. “Because I’d be like, ‘You’re so beautiful! You’re so wonderful!’ “

— Jen Juneau

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