Allison Holker Opens Up About How Daughter Zaia, 16 Months, Ended Up in a 'Precautionary' Leg Cast

Allison Holker, who chats with PEOPLE surrounding her partnership with The Incredible Egg, previously said last week that Zaia had taken "a little spill"

Allison Holker daughter
Photo: Allison Holker/Instagram. Inset: Allen Berezovsky/Getty

Allison Holker's baby girl is back to her old self after her "little spill" that left her in a cast — and according to her mama, it didn't take long!

In an exclusive chat with PEOPLE surrounding her partnership with The Incredible Egg Challenge, the dancer and television personality, 33, explains that Zaia's incident occurred recently when the 16-month-old was "going down the slide at the park."

According to Holker, the cast — which Zaia is getting taken off this week — was put on the toddler just as a "precautionary" measure, as doctors didn't see anything on her X-rays that caused them alarm.

"They said she's so little that [they'd] cast her up just to be sure," the mother of three tells PEOPLE. "So it was only a couple of weeks, but either way, it's really sad. We see this tiny little baby in a cast, but it's also kind of cute, in a weird way."

"But she's okay. She's literally, not even for one day, ever slowed down," Holker quips, adding that Zaia wasted no time "chasing her brother" Maddox Laurel, 5 this month, around as soon as they got home from the doctor.

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While her family of five (which also includes husband Stephen "tWitch" Boss and daughter Weslie Renae, 12) is still in lockdown together amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, they're gearing up to make this Easter — the day Maddox was born in 2016! — a memorable one.

"[Weslie is] in charge of making our deviled eggs ... and my mother always made an egg roll. So we always made sure we have that and [are] bringing her into our family base and talking about her in it," says Holker.

Usually during the low-key day, the Design Star: Next Gen host says, "We bake, we cook, we make things like cupcakes. We make these little bunny ears out of white chocolate, and we'll put them on top of the cupcakes."

"We always look forward to this time," Holker shares. "I mean, really, anything that we can do to create memories for our kids."

allison holker
Allison Holker. Courtesy of The Incredible Egg

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And The Incredible Egg Challenge certainly fits right into the Boss family's best-loved Easter traditions. Having kicked off on Tuesday, the three-week event, in Holker's words, is a competition she's hosting where a group of "taste maker" contestants go "through a couple of different challenges," which boast a new theme every week.

"We're going to have the audience voting for their creations with eggs," she tells PEOPLE. "Whoever becomes the fan favorite at the end of the day will be crowned the Golden Egg Grand Prize winner, and they're going to be winning a free monthly breakfast from a local restaurant plus a $5,000 donation to the hunger charity organization of their choice."

Of her reasoning behind wanting to get involved, the So You Think You Can Dance alum says, "I am always looking for new ways of decorating my home, cooking and baking. And then also anything that has to do with giving back to an organization really sits heavy on me and my family. It makes sense because it was everything encompassing all the things I love."

Fans can cast their votes for their favorite Challenger creation each week by visiting, every Wednesday through the following Monday.

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