Allison Holker Says Bottle Feeding 'Meets Our Lifestyles': My Kids Are 'Super Healthy'

"All of my kids have always been formula fed," mother of three Allison Holker tells PEOPLE in an exclusive new interview

Fed is best for parents of three Allison Holker and Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

The So You Think You Can Dance alums, who recently partnered with Puffs Tissues, talked to PEOPLE on Tuesday about their new family of five and revealed that, like their other children, their 3-month-old daughter Zaia is getting her sustenance from a bottle — because that is what works for them.

“I bottle feed,” says Holker, 32. “I do formula. All of my kids have always been formula fed and it meets our lifestyles. My kids are all really super healthy and enjoy it and we’ve never really had problems with that.”

She laughs while revealing that having two babies in less than four years after welcoming daughter Weslie Renae more than 11 years ago has been “a wake-up call.” (Holker and Boss, 37, also share 3½-year-old son Maddox Laurel.)

“Having three children now is so crazy, but I love it,” she says. “I love all the hustle and bustle — everyone having school activities, school drop-offs, homework, dinner, everyone eating [at] different times. It’s quite wild and it’s nothing that I think we ever anticipated, but we really do love it. It’s been so fun. It has been such a crazy ride.”

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Allison Holker
Allison Holker/Instagram
Allison Holker
Stephen “tWitch” Boss (L) and Allison Holker. Courtesy Puffs

“But I’m also very grateful to have the amazing, supportive husband that I do, because he just honestly jumps in at any moment to help,” she says. “I’m very, very, very blessed to have that kind of husband. He’s my support system and our anchor for our family, for sure.”

The couple also touched on the dance videos they have been sharing to Instagram over recent months, including a particularly impressive clip that showed Holker “Gettin’ Jiggy wit It” at 39 weeks pregnant this past fall — something people thought she was “crazy” for.

“People were always coming out of the woodwork saying, ‘How are you doing this?’ But for me, it was something that really helped me through my pregnancy, and also through the labor,” Holker tells PEOPLE. “I feel like staying fit and dancing this whole pregnancy really made that whole process of labor go so smoothly because my body was still so active and I was so in tune with my body still.”

“Dance brought us together, so what you see [on Instagram], that’s literally having fun,” Boss chimes in. “That’s us putting on a song that we like and taking a couple minutes to put a couple moves together and then filming it.”

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The proud parents haven’t closed off the possibility of adding to their family in the future, but for now, they’re focusing on the present. As Boss jokes, “Zaia’s still fresh!”, pointing out, “We’re now outnumbered.”

Whether they’re at home, in the car or elsewhere, Holker and her Ellen DeGeneres Show DJ husband always have Puffs Tissues on hand. But sometimes, the unexpected strikes at the least opportune moments.

“We actually went on a family vacation a couple years ago to Hawaii where literally all of us got sick,” Holker recalls. “And you’re so excited to have a family vacation, everyone’s been waiting for this big moment, you’re in Hawaii, it’s beautiful, the sun’s gorgeous, you wanna go to the beach, but we literally all were laid out flat with the sickness.”

“We laugh about it now, ’cause Hawaii was probably the worst trip we ever had as a family because we couldn’t do anything! So now we try to take as much vitamin C [as possible], wash our hands, do whatever we can to not have that happen again,” she adds.

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