Allison Holker Says It 'Takes a Village' to Raise 3 Kids: 'We Have Hands on Deck All the Time'

Puffs Tissues partners Allison Holker and Stephen "tWitch" Boss talk to PEOPLE about how their life at home has changed since becoming parents of three

How do Allison Holker and Stephen “tWitch” Boss juggle work, parenting and everything in between? By not being afraid to ask for help!

The couple opened up to PEOPLE on Tuesday about their new partnership with Puffs Tissues and all things parenting when it comes to their three kids — daughters Zaia, 3 months, and Weslie Renae, 11, plus son Maddox Laurel, 3½ — revealing that they have willing assistance among their family and friends, as well as hired help.

“It still takes a village!” says Boss, 37, of how the household dynamic has changed since the couple welcomed Zaia this past fall. “[It’s] a little challenging [because] we have family in Utah and Arizona; our family’s spread out. But then also we have what would be our chosen family, our family friends in L.A., that are always there to help. And also we have nannies. And it does — it takes a whole village to run this thing.”

“People always talk about how it takes a village for hair and makeup and styling — it’s the same thing with having kids,” adds Holker, 32. “We have hands on deck all the time willing to help and jump on board.”

Allison Holker and family
Boss family. Allison Holker/ Instagram

“I will say, as parents, we’re very, very hands-on parents. But as many people that you can have there to help you out with your kids — to love them, to share joy with them and laughter — it’s a win-win for everyone,” she says.

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The So You Think You Can Dance alums’ older kids are a big help when it comes to their new baby sister too, though.

“Weslie’s always just been the best big sister, even with Maddox before. It’s like having a built-in babysitter,” Boss tells PEOPLE. “And with her new sister, she’s also eager to help. Very, very helpful. And Maddox is really excited.”

“And granted, he’s been the baby for a really long time, so he definitely has mastered cartwheels,” quips The Ellen DeGeneres Show DJ of his middle child and only son. “He’s like, ‘Look at me, look at me, look at me!’ He definitely has those moments, but he also loves his little sister.”

“I think it’s been a great adjustment for him to have to find in himself because he’s always been the center of attention,” Holker adds of Maddox. “He’s a performer, so everywhere we are, he’s singing, he’s dancing, he’s telling jokes. So I think it’s been nice for him to have to learn to balance that sometimes people are gonna look at little sister now and want to talk to her and see her.”

Allison Holker
Stephen “tWitch” Boss (L) and Allison Holker. Courtesy Puffs

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Holker and Boss partnered with Puffs Tissues “because it’s a brand we use [when the kids] have a cold, the sniffles, or whatever,” and is an especially poignant product during the current flu season.

“We have Puffs in the car, in the house … ” Boss tells PEOPLE, with his wife chiming in, “The diaper bag!”

Holker says one of her favorite go-to remedies for helping her kids feel better when they’re sick is “anything you can steam, so like a shower or a nice bath — not too hot, though, has to be a warm bath.”

“I also put a cold towel on my kids’ foreheads when they’re having a nice little fever. And then having Puffs Tissues around,” she adds. “With having an 11-year-old and a 3-year-old both in school, it seems like both of them are constantly fighting off some sort of sickness right now. So we just try to stay as healthy as we can be with washing our hands and keeping up with [staying] clean.”

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