By peoplestaff225
Updated June 05, 2009 10:00 AM

You know that mom who shows up at the park or the beach and always seems to have everything she needs? Well, it isn’t me, I’ll tell you. At least it wasn’t. But now that I have my awesome new Allerhand Reef Carry-All Beach Tote ($85), oh, how the other moms are going to envy my preparedness!

The bag itself is much bigger than I imagined it would be so it’s perfect for those day trips that require tons of stuff (you know, drinks, food, toys, towels, sunscreen, phone, etc.). It all fits and everything about this tote makes it so easy to be organized. I realize this organization comes at a pretty high price, but for the time this bag is saving me — I’m no longer running around before every park trip trying to find six million things to bring — it’s worth it.

With built-in compartments for all the little things you need to pack on one side of the bag and beach and sand toys tucked into the other side (the bag comes with six toys, including a shovel, rake and sand molds), you’ll be ready to hit the beach at the drop of a hat. But you won’t drop your hat, of course, since it will be neatly tucked away into your lovely Reef Carry-All Beach Tote!


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