July 15, 2005 07:01 AM

Star has a comprehensive article about Angelina Jolie’s new baby girl Zahara.  No photo yet!  Here are some highlights.

  • Baby Zahara is 5 months old.
  • Brad Pitt accompanied Angelina and Maddox to the orphanage.
  • Zahara was adopted from the Wide Horizons For Children orphanage, in  Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.  The private orphanage holds approximately 20-25 children, most of them under 8 years of age. It’s a shabby place: Its outside walls are topped with broken glass in order to keep out thieves.
  • Zahara’s birth name is actually Tena Adam, based on the local Amharic language’s name for Ruta (a green spice used in Ethiopia to flavor coffee).
  • Zahara’s birth mother, Mentewabe Dawet Zowda, 22, died just three days after giving birth to her, from heavy bleeding, according to Zahara’s grandmother, Almaz Blfnhe. (People magazine reports that Mentewabe died from AIDS; however, Almaz is quick to dispute this.)
  • Zahara’s grandmother Almaz took care of her infant granddaughter for four months, before finally deciding she was too poor to raise the child. The baby’s father is unknown. The baby was 4 months old, and weighed a meager 11 pounds, when she was put up for adoption.  Zahara had been at the Wide Horizons orphanage for 2 weeks before Angelina met her. 
  • Angelina officially adopted Zahara on Wednesday, July 6, about a week after first meeting her.
  • The adoption process took a month during which Angelina reportedly paid out a standard adoption fee of about $10,000 and quietly maneuvered through red tape.
  • Though she is 11 pounds,  Dr. Yasmin Hassan, a pediatrician who has treated Ethiopian babies, says that 11 pounds is normal for an Ethiopian baby of that age. "Ethiopian people are thin in general," says Hassan.   "She is a very beautiful baby but she is very weak," said Sister Lete, who had looked after Zahara while she was in the orphanage.  "Ms. Angelina needs to make sure she gets lots to eat so she puts on weight," added the sister.

Read the rest of the article at Star.

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