All About Sean Penn and Robin Wright's 2 Kids

Get to know Sean Penn and Robin Wright’s two kids: Dylan and Hopper

Dylan Penn, Sean Penn, Hopper Penn, Robin Wright
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Sean Penn and Robin Wright's children are following in their parents' footsteps.

The former couple were married from 1996 to 2010 but first got together in 1989. Over the course of their relationship, they welcomed two children: Dylan Frances Penn, 33, and Hopper Jack Penn, 29.

Both have gone on to become actors, and they've even starred alongside their famous parents. In August 2021, the whole Penn family (minus Wright) starred in the father-daughter drama Flag Day, which was directed by the Fast Times at Ridgemont High star. Hopper later starred alongside his mom in the 2023 film Devil's Peak.

In 2018, Penn said of his kids, "They're amazing people. They're both acting and modeling, an industry that I'm not very interested in but they seem to have fun with it … I'm supportive of whatever my kids do that keeps them happy and healthy, period."

Though Penn and Wright divorced over a decade ago, Wright has since called her friendship with her ex-husband a "gift." The actress told E! News in February 2023, "To be friends with the father of your children… I mean, it's a gift, because we know divorce with children is one of the most difficult things in life."

Wright added, "We're always gonna be family, whether we're together or apart, you know? And I think that's beautiful, and I wish that for everybody."

Keep reading for everything there is to know about Sean Penn and Robin Wright's kids.

Dylan Frances Penn, 32

Dylan Penn attends the red carpet for "Signs Of Love" at Alice Nella Città during the 17th Rome Film Festival at Auditorium della Conciliazione on October 18, 2022 in Rome, Italy
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Penn and Wright welcomed their first child, Dylan Frances Penn, on April 13, 1991. Although she was born Dylan, her dad has a sweet nickname that he affectionately calls her.

"My dad got me a piece of jewelry that's engraved. It says my nickname, which is 'Peaches' because I guess I devoured a peach when I was really little and loved peaches," Dylan told PEOPLE in November 2021.

Growing up with famous parents led to a somewhat uncomfortable situation for Dylan when she was a kid. When she was in fifth grade, her teacher had the class watch the 1987 cult movie The Princess Bride, which stars her mother as Princess Buttercup.

"The teacher put on a movie for the class to watch, and it was The Princess Bride," Dylan told PEOPLE. "All the boys in my class started talking about how pretty my mom was!"

As for her own career, Dylan has worked as both a model — landing campaigns for brands like Gap and Ralph Lauren — and an actor. She took on her first lead role in 2021's Flag Day, which her father directed and starred in. The film, which is based on Jennifer Vogle's 2004 memoir, focuses on a con artist and his relationship with his daughter. Dylan's younger brother Hopper also had a small role in it.

Dylan Penn and Robin Wright attend the Ralph Lauren SS23 Runway Show at The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens on October 13, 2022 in San Marino, California
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While Dylan was initially unsure if she wanted to work with her dad, she received some encouraging words from Wright. "She very simply said, 'I've never worked with a better director than your dad. It was the most amazing experience I've ever had as an actor,' " Dylan recalled to PEOPLE during an August 2021 interview. "So I trusted that."

The young actress shared that working with her father and brother on the film "was equal to doing family therapy in a room full of strangers." She added that the experience made her feel even closer to Penn: "We've always been close, but working together only enhanced my belief that I can always fall back on him."

However, the father-daughter duo weren't exempt from the occasional tiff on set. During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Dylan and Penn discussed one particular disagreement they had over whether Dylan could wear mascara for her character. "He won," Dylan joked.

When host Stephen Colbert asked if the argument happened in private or in public, Penn replied, "It was, once it was clear that she was making the wrong decision, I just went and sat down ... And then the silence was one the crew had to live with for two hours while the Penns figured it out."

In addition to Flag Day, Dylan has also appeared in the movies Condemned, Elvis & Nixon and Signs of Love, the latter of which also costarred her brother.

Hopper Jack Penn, 29

Hopper Penn attends the red carpet for "Signs Of Love" at Alice Nella Città during the 17th Rome Film Festival at Auditorium Parco Della Musica on October 18, 2022 in Rome, Italy
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The former couple welcomed their son, Hopper Jack Penn, on Aug. 6, 1993. While Hopper is already a pretty uncommon name, he almost had an even more unlikely moniker.

"My dad wanted to name me Steak, the food, because he loves it so much," Hopper told Interview magazine in 2016. "But my mom was never going to go for it." He went on to explain that his name was inspired by actor Dennis Hopper because Penn "was friendly with him and idolized him."

He added, "What they told me is that I hopped in her stomach, I didn't kick, so they went with that."

Over the years, Hopper has been candid about the struggles he's faced in his personal life. In a 2017 interview with ES Magazine, he shared that he had an addiction to crystal meth and that his dad helped him get clean. "I was doing a lot of stuff, but meth was the main one that brought me down," Hopper explained. "I went to rehab because I woke up in a hospital and my dad was like, 'Rehab? Or bus bench?' I was like, 'I'll take the bed.' "

Hopper Penn and his father director Sean Penn attend 'The Last Face' Premiere during the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival at the Palais des Festivals on May 20, 2016 in Cannes, France
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These days, Hopper is an actor like his sister and parents. His first feature film was his father's 2016 movie The Last Face. He's since appeared in War Machine, Between Worlds, Flag Day and Signs of Love. In February 2023, he starred alongside his mom in the thriller Devil's Peak.

While he and Penn are very close now and have worked together on several occasions, the father-son duo used to "butt heads," as Hopper explained in November 2022 for PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive issue.

"He was strict, and I was always getting into trouble," Hopper recalled. "We butted heads for a long time. But it's very lax now. He's chilled out in his older age!"

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