Paul Rudd's 2 Kids: Everything He's Said About Fatherhood

Paul Rudd and his wife, Julie Yaeger, are parents to Jack Sullivan Rudd and Darby Rudd

Paul Rudd attends the GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE World Premiere on November 15, 2021 in New York City
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Paul Rudd is a family man.

The Ant-Man star met his wife Julie Yaeger in his early acting days when she worked at his publicist's office in New York City. They hit it off instantly and tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2003. Their son Jack, 17, was born in 2006, followed by their daughter Darby, 12, in 2010.

"When I think about myself, I think of myself as a husband and a father, like I'm that," he told PEOPLE in 2021. "I just hang out with my family when I'm not working. That's what I kind of like the most."

In 2023, the actor told PEOPLE that when it comes to being a husband and father, he feels "similar in many ways" to his late father. "I identify myself as part of a collective more than I did because I feel like a husband and a father when I think about myself," Rudd explained. "And I feel like I've learned a lot. People say, 'Oh, you know, I still feel 20.' I don't feel 20 at all, or in my 20s. I feel my age … in a good way."

When asked about his kids' favorite moment of his career on Krista Smith's Netflix podcast Present Company, he said, "Oh, I think that's a tie because my kids love Marvel and they really get a kick out of the fact that I'm in it, but boy do they love Hot Ones."

Rudd continued, referencing the YouTube interview series hosted by Sean Evans, "They would always say, 'Are you gonna do it? Are you gonna do it?' And when I got to do it they would say, 'So, next week, that's when you're going on?' "

If being an Avenger doesn't score him enough points with his kids, Rudd has another business to lean on that might be their sweet spot. He and Yaeger co-own Samuel's Sweet Shop, a candy store in Rhinebeck, New York, along with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his wife, One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton.

Rudd's family is a major part of his life, so much so that it's even inspired his work. His Knocked Up director and friend, Judd Apatow, used Rudd's real-life refusal to read baby books during his wife's first pregnancy for a storyline in the movie.

Keep reading to learn more about Paul Rudd's kids and everything he's said about fatherhood.

Jack Sullivan Rudd, 17

Paul Rudd and Jack Sullivan Rudd attend Super Bowl LVII
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Rudd and Yaeger welcomed their first child, Jack Sullivan Rudd, in 2006.

The movie star has enjoyed passing on his love of sports to his son and Jack has been accompanying his dad to sporting events since he was young. In 2020, Rudd took his son to the Super Bowl in Miami, where his home team, the Kansas City Chiefs, beat the San Francisco 49ers.

Three years later, Jack and Rudd attended the Super Bowl again to watch the Chiefs defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona. Following the game, they spoke to FOX Sports about the Chiefs' victory — and fans were quick to notice how alike the father and son are in both looks and personality.

"I just wanna thank Patrick Mahomes for existing, for putting in all the work, so we can just all enjoy his greatness every week," Jack told FOX Sports host Peter Schrager, while Rudd laughed. "I'm so lucky that I am alive to watch this, and I just — I cannot believe he's a real person. I don't know how to explain it, I just can't believe he's a real person."

Knowing that Jack was a fan of the interview series Hot Ones, Rudd kept mementos from his appearance on the show for his son.

"I brought all of the bottles of hot sauce home because I knew my son would want to try them, and he and a buddy of his came over to the house and they did it, they did their own Hot Ones challenge and it took my kids down for about three days," Rudd said. "He couldn't, he felt awful for three days, he also drank a ton of milk — I didn't drink any milk or any water. I was surprised by that, I wasn't expecting it. But yeah, my kid drank a ton of it and I don't think that did him any favors."

While they share a love of sports and hot sauce, Jack hasn't always been a big fan of his dad's acting. When Rudd told then-9-year-old Jack that he'd be playing a superhero in Marvel's Ant-Man, Jack's response was not as enthusiastic as Rudd had hoped.

​​"I told my son I was going to be a superhero. He asked, 'Who?' and I said 'Ant-Man.' What he actually said was, 'I can't wait to see how stupid that'll be.' Swear to God, that's what he said," Rudd said in a 2015 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

As for if Jack will follow in his dad's footsteps, the comedy actor once shared that his son has a great sense of humor. When he was just 3 years old, Jack loved to do "comedy bits," as Rudd told PEOPLE.

"He loves to say funny words; he'll start talking about Yonkers, New York, and going [in a heavy New York accent], 'Yonkers!' He speaks with accents! It's so funny," Rudd said.

Darby Rudd, 12

In 2010, Rudd and Yaeger welcomed their second child, daughter Darby Rudd.

Darby partially served as inspiration for the character Cassie in Rudd's film, Ant-Man and the Wasp, which he co-wrote the screenplay of. As he explained during an interview with ET Canada in 2018, he and his daughter have done most of the daddy-daughter activities that his character and Cassie do together, including building forts. "I've done all of that with my own daughter and yeah there are many things. She's 8, so she really connects to this and it's awesome," Rudd shared.

Rudd has also said that he's had fun watching Friends with his daughter, although she doesn't fail to keep him humble.

"I hadn't really revisited many of those episodes," he said. "But now that she's watching it, it's like, 'Oh, I remember this,' and I tell her some story about it." Rudd played Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow) husband Mike on the long-running series. "I'm far enough away from some things now that I can allow myself to be a little nostalgic about it. But then she'll just be like, 'Well, you're not Joey (Matt LeBlanc),' " he added.

But Rudd's kids aren't always too cool for him. In 2020, his wife and kids organized a special surprise at home for his birthday.

"We made him a little scavenger hunt and made him walk all around the house," Yaeger shared on the AMC talk show Friday Night in With the Morgans, hosted by the couple's friends and business partners, Morgan and Burton. "We made him go up and down the stairs and in each little spot there was a Post-It telling him the next place to go."

"Since we really couldn't get him presents, we just gave him coupons for different things like snuggles with our daughter, breakfast in bed and a massage," Yaeger added.

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