Alicia Silverstone: I'm Raising My Son to Be as Healthy as Possible

The actress and author shares her views on green parenting in her new book, The Kind Mama

In a world of over-sugared, over-stimulated toddlers, Alicia Silverstone says that when it comes to raising her son Bear Blu, 3 next month, she values going back to basics.

Eschewing plastic toys for vintage gardening buckets and sugary snacks for salt-free rice cakes, Silverstone, a vegan for 16 years, says Bear is thriving and has never been sick.

"He loves the food I give him," Silverstone, 37, tells PEOPLE. Her second book, The Kind Mama, explains her pre and postnatal methods for staying healthy and happy. "He's not being deprived of anything. For him, having amazing fruit is like candy!"

Conceding that there could potentially be a time that Bear samples some unhealthy (or non-vegan) treats, Silverstone says, "I wouldn't freak out. It's all going to be available, I just want him to be the healthiest he can be for as long as possible."

Alicia Silverstone Bear The Kind Mama

Amy Neunsinger

The actress, whose 1995 hit Clueless shot her into the stratosphere of fame, also advocates for breastfeeding, family bed sharing with husband Christopher Jarecki and a super green home (she line dries her clothes!) and says it's her current role as mama that she loves the most.

"I want women to know what's possible — a blissful pregnancy and happy and beautiful [motherhood]. I didn't invent any of this — I wish I was that cool! It's just instinctual."

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— Aili Nahas

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