Although she again declined the opportunity to identify the father of her baby, former Miss Universe Alicia Machado — 5-months pregnant with her first child, a girl — did reveal that her fiancé is a 48-year-old Mexican businessman, and that she hopes their child will inherit the best they both have to offer.

For now, Alicia, 31, fills her time daydreaming about the life her child will go on to lead. She tells People En Espanol that in those dreams she imagines the baby "in high school and with perfect clothes, clean, taken care of, polite, a doll." Pregnancy has been a revelation for Alicia, who says that expectant motherhood makes her "feel like a complete woman" and that she doesn’t know "if there’s anything left for me to do [in life]."

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Although the baby came as a surprise to many, it doesn’t sound asthough it was a surprise for Alicia and her fiancé, for the couplediscussed marriage and family beforehand according to Alicia.Nonetheless, she appears to be in no hurry to head down the aisle.Describing their relationship as "stable," Alicia says that she and her fiancé will marry eventually — but "not now." She adds,

Photo by Uriel Santana.