Ali Larter Jokes She Has to 'Drag' Her Son to the Sink to Wash His Hands: He's a 'Wild Little Boy'

The Pitch actress understands first hand how hard it can be to start teaching kids healthy habits

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As a mother of two little ones, Ali Larter is no stranger to the struggles of trying to keep her kids clean.

Juggling school, soccer practices and music classes with 5½-year-old son Theodore Hayes and 21-month-old daughter Vivienne Margaret, the actress opens up about teaching her kids clean habits so they stay healthy.

“It’s definitely something that’s very prominent and real in my life,” the Pitch actress, 40, tells PEOPLE about the daily routine of teaching her kids to clean up.

“Teddy is 5½ going on 14, it’s killing me. He just started kindergarten, but I have to tell you, I have to drag that kid to the sink. I have to get him to wash his hands. He’s just a crazy, wild little boy.”

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It’s not always easy to get kids interested in cleaning up, however, and Larter admits that sometimes a small reward is a simple way to get Teddy to wash up.

“I probably shouldn’t do it, but I definitely use the rewards,” the actress admits. “I’m like, ‘Go wash your hands and you can have a snack!’ when he comes home from school.”

The actress also suggests to make the clean-up routine fun by using bubbles and creating distractions for the kids. Larter says these small steps can go a long way in keeping your child healthy and in school.

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“Thirty eight million school days are missed each year due to influenza alone,” says Larter, who is partnering up with Lysol to raise awareness about the benefits of keeping healthy habits. “One thing we want to do is encourage teachers to bring healthy things into the classroom to keep kids in school. Things like wiping down the desks to get rid of the germs and bacteria and teaching the kids to really wash their hands each time they go to the bathroom or each time they play outside. Just really have good, healthy habits.”

As for her “delicious” kids with husband Hayes MacArthur, Larter admits that working full time on Pitch and being there for them makes her life “full” — but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I brought my kids to the set of Pitch the other morning because when you’re working crazy hours, you have to find the time,” the working mom admits. “They love to sit in the makeup chair with me and Teddy gets tattoos put on and Vivienne chews on the makeup brushes. Anytime I can squeeze in time with them really feeds me.”

And the thought of being a good role model for Vivienne is an extra bonus that fuels the actress.

“There’s something I really honor in getting to be that role model for my daughter in the future,” the actress adds. “Showing her that she can go to work and do whatever she wants to do and feel creatively fulfilled and at the same time make time for the things you really cherish.”

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