Extravagant birthday parties are nothing new in Hollywood, but the current recession has even celebrities tightening their belts. Ali Landry is in the midst of planning her 22-month-old daughter Estela Ines‘ second birthday party and she admits in a new segment for Spotlight to Nightlight that she’s conflicted about how to proceed. “At first, I thought, let’s do something simple…a cake, a few friends, maybe a ride on a pony,” the 35-year-old model and actress explains. “After all, my second birthday party consisted of my aunts, uncles, and cousins sitting on the porch with a cake, a few presents, and Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” While Ali “doesn’t really remember it,” she notes that everyone appeared to have had a good time “without all the bells and whistles that are such a big part of today’s celebrations.”

On the other hand, as a celebrity, Ali notes that she has access to “resources and companies” that most non-celebrity moms don’t. “When you add that to the mix, it’s really hard to stick to my original idea of keeping it simple,” she admits. “I am now trying to find that happy balance.”

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To that end, Ali consulted with pal Dayna Devon. The 39-year-old Extra! co-host and mom of two recommended that Ali keep a file handy of ideas for Estela’s party. Dayna also suggested that Ali visit her local dollar store and peruse eBay for party supplies, and check out Costco’s selection of birthday cakes. In place of a favor bag, Ali says she’s considering a craft activity; Not only will it occupy her tiny guests during the party, but it also gives them something to take home that they made themselves. Ali goes on to say that while she knows Estela doesn’t “need a blowout bash,” the temptation to go all out is forever present. “There is nothing more than to see a huge smile on her face on her birthday,” she adds.

Estela is Ali’s daughter with husband Alejandro Gomez Monteverde. Dayna and husband Dr. Brent Moelleken are parents to Emmi Reese, 3 ½, and Cole Brent, 2.