March 23, 2016 04:30 PM

Two girls, one man: who will get the final rose? Both!

Ali Fedotowsky and fiancé Kevin Manno are expecting a daughter in July, the couple announced on her blog Wednesday.

The former Bachelorette star, 31, and Valentine In the Morning co-host, 32, made the exciting reveal just two months after announcing Fedotowsky’s pregnancy in January – and a few weeks after discovering the sex.

“Honestly, we would have been thrilled with either,” wrote Fedotowsky. “It’s cliché to say but all we want is a healthy baby. Well it’s cliché because it’s SO TRUE!”

She added, “We are so thankful to say that so far, our little girl has passed every test and is looking very healthy. But no matter what happens, we will love everything about her.”

Ryan Manno

In addition, the couple recorded and shared their reaction to finding out the baby’s sex in December – an emotional, and happy moment that left Fedotowsky crying. “Watching it back I am almost surprised that my reaction isn’t ‘bigger,'” she wrote. “I think it was just surreal in the moment and I was taking it all in.”

The mom-to-be, who writes that “I totally pictured myself as a mother to all boys,” says her daughter “will most certainly be the queen of the house,” and that she “will be so loved by so many the very day she comes into this world.”

Fedotowsky and Manno got engaged last fall after two years of dating. They hadn’t yet made it down the aisle when they got the exciting news about their bundle of joy.

Ryan Manno for Us Weekly

“We are thrilled, excited, nervous, and in awe that we are going to be parents! We feel incredibly fortunate to be lucky enough to welcome a little one into this world,” Fedotowsky, 31, told PEOPLE at the time.

Of starting a family before tying the knot, Fedotowsky has said, “This was not an ‘oops, what happened’ moment. We pulled the goalie! We’re like, ‘We want this!’ “

Us Weekly was first to report the news.

–– Lindsay Kimble

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